DIY Fun: Rustic Beer Flight

I mean really, if there’s anything better than having a tall glass of homebrew in front of you, it’s having four small mason jars with a variety of beer sitting in front of you.


I have some friends that have brewed up some pretty impressive beers, and if there’s one thing every homebrewer needs (other then their own kegerator, of course, and been-there-done-that) it’s a fancy-ass beer flight with which to bestow their beautiful hoppy creations on us commoners.

And by “fancy-ass” I mean, I pulled a couple of pieces of old barnwood off of my pile and drilled some holes in them.


What? I can do fancy.

Since I built these for a friend, she provided the tiny mason jars, and I just measured the bottom, dug out the correct hole saw (in this case 2-1/2″) and then drilled down about 1/4″. Since I was using the hole saw and not a paddle bit, I needed to remove the wood in the center, so I used my oscillating saw to cut some notches and then popped them out with a small chisel.


I also had some leftover chalkboard pieces from my wall calendar that I cut down on the miter saw and then attached with some drywall screws.


All that’s missing is the beer (and better lighting, but it was after dark when I finished and I didn’t a chance to take a picture in good lighting.)


We built two flights, and I bet the cost came in under $10. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to start and finish a project in an evening, and this was doubly fun because, duh, it’s related to beer, and it was a gift for someone who likes a good homebrew even more than I do.

Can’t wait for the first tasting.

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  1. I have been following you for about six months now, of which the better part of an entire Sunday was spent reading your posts from the very beginning. Very entertaining!

    All I can say is you seriously have talent and need your own store. I’ll be your first and best customer! Love every project 🙂

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