Three Day Project Marathon

It feels kind of like for the last month or two I’ve been waiting desperately for a train to come, and just when it appeared I realized I’ve been standing on the tracks and that damn thing is about to flatten me. Train, thy name is Spring.

Don’t get me wrong… I love every minute of it: Airing out the shop, firing up the big tools, spending time with the animals without needing six layers of long johns to keep my extremities from freezing off. But.

But I am just barely keeping my head above water.

I know this is a part of the rhythm of my life. I test my boundaries, take on more and more things, and then when the fault lines start to appear in my sanity (or, frankly, the state of my laundry) I know it’s time to pull back, rethink, rearrange.

I’ve been spending a lot of time this week just doing this…


Laying in the grass, enjoying the farm, napping under the apple tree…


And resting up so that I could be fully recharged for the next three days.


I could only manage a day and a half off work until later this month, but that gives me a solid three day weekend in which to get some shit done.


I spent my afternoon off stocking up on supplies. Made my first ever trip to Ikea and came away with two dressers that need a little work, a rug and some lights for the office, and a lingering desire to mow people down with a shopping cart. Hoping that last one starts to fade before I have to go to the grocery store.

If I get nothing else done this weekend, I’ll still consider it a success if I get the chicken coop finished and my flock moved outside.


But my list also includes:

  • Doing a full clean-out of the donkey stall
  • Installing my raised garden beds and gravel walkways
  • Hacking my Ikea dressers and moving the small mountain range of clothes off my bedroom floor so that I don’t need climbing gear and a compass to get to my bed
  • Installing new light fixtures and curtains
  • Scheduling lawn maintenance and finding someone to fix the floodlight at the top of the electrical pole (alternatively, renting a bucket truck)
  • Maybe actually doing laundry. Or washing a dish.

Not at all impossible in 72 hours, right? Right.

Sawdust is about to fly my friends.


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  1. If I accomplish 1/3 of that list in a weekend I consider myself very lucky. You’re an ambitious woman, that’s for sure.

  2. If I got 1/3 of that accomplished in a year I would consider myself ambitious. You run on a different gear ratio than most of us, that’s for sure! Have a great weekend!

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