Well, Shit

For the first time in maybe six or seven years, I’m taking a full week off of my day job. This week. Spring basically picked me up and has been slammed me around like a rag doll for the last couple of weeks… I can’t get my bearings, I can’t see three or four steps ahead to what I should be doing next, I can only put my head down and barrel through the work that is right in front of my face.

The good news is, I love the work. Every second of it. The bad news is, I spend a lot of time wandering around the house sans pants with one sock in my hand trying to figure out what the hell I should be doing next. It’s humbling.

The plan for this week was to tackle some of the big projects on my list like getting all of the raised beds in the garden set up, landscaping around the property, putting in about 3 different fences– the donkey pasture, the garden fence, and a fence around the propane tank– then getting the back field mowed, taking care of the jungle that sprung up overnight around all three barns, and clearing out the rest of the junk pile.


Over the weekend I got a decent start on these projects. I managed to tame the jungle on the North side of the house…

I hauled about 3000 pounds of planting mix in on the trailer to fill the garden beds….


And I researched and bought the first round of plants for the garden around the house…


And then this happened…


What. The. Eff.

Yesterday I had a mild panic attack pity party about this. Then I gave myself a little talking-to that may or may not have included the term “fucking wuss” and I went outside in the pouring rain and spent a couple of hours doing this.


Turns out I am not, in fact, made out of sugar.


I didn’t melt even a little.

So I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the rain this week, and when I’m tired of getting soaked through to the bone, it turns out I have a ton of projects to finish inside the house too. Like maybe sweeping up all of the chicken feathers in the living room… I could totally do that.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cut a hole in a trash bag so that I can wear it around like a poncho– which, let’s be honest, isn’t the weirdest thing my neighbors have seen me do.

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  1. A2 is getting it to? It’s totally going to put a damper on our week. We stopped spray painting about 2 seconds before it started down pouring. You’re better than I am for going out in that rain, I’ll be inside sewing if you need me.

  2. Any other blog and the writer would be all like, “Well it rained this weekend so I couldn’t get anything done outside because my Louboutins can’t get damp and hubby wasn’t around to hammer in the nails for that gallery wall I’ve been wanting to hang so no real post today but look I painted my perfect nails a slightly different shade of pink!”

    Not you though, and that’s why you’re awesome.

  3. I totally thought your headline was about manure. I think it was the picture of the flower garden that did it. Although I’m probably projecting, as hauling (the trailer picture is very familiar to me) and spreading manure is currently the extent of my landscaping activities. Good luck this week–with the weather and the to-do list.

  4. Oh no! Bloody rain. Ah well…at the conclusion of every single muggy, muddy day you will have the dual satisfaction of a) a hard job well done, and b) a hot shower and the warm embrace of utter exhaustion induced sleep

  5. “Like maybe sweeping up all of the chicken feathers in the living room…”

    THAT was definitely a Laugh-Out-Loud moment for me–mostly because it reminded me so much of living with my mom’s haphazardness (sawdust and goose feathers, everywhere). x-D

  6. At least it is a warm rain. You won’t freeze doing things in the rain either! Wearing a poncho made from a trash bag is not at all weird. You are so many levels above that. . . .

  7. With you! I bought an Amish farm a few years back, but my job has me located elsewhere so haven’t gotten much done. (And you’re an inspiration for what I WILL do one day.) But finally got assigned close to home. Time to get some concentrated work done, right? Well, Shit. Been trying to plant trees for the past 4 weekends. Rained buckets either on the Friday before or on the weekend. Can’t plant trees in that. Then, last week, I had the whole week off. I was able to get some things done…but no planting of trees. 🙁 Oh well…

  8. Planting in the mud is the best. Then you get to strip off your filthy duds in the kitchen and horrify your neighbors who can see from their porch. Or is that just me?

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