Because Bats

Update: Five shots later (one in both arms, both ass cheeks, and an upper thigh…) Rest easy. I’m not dying of the rabies this week.

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Lofty Ambitions

I usually dive in to the weekends like I’m base-jumping off a cliff: with a healthy dose of panic and a ridiculously long to-do list

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Barn Work

Here’s an example of my typical morning routine: My alarm is set for well after dawn, but just as the first ray of light pierces

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Bats, Chalk, & Splinters

This is not going to be coherent post. I’m just warning you ahead of time, and if you want to blame someone for my inability

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Getting Through

Saying “some days I’m all over the place” is like saying “I have a couple of tools in my garage”: an epic understatement. This website

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A Day Away

A month ago I might have mentioned that I was never leaving the farm again. Ever. Even in the event of the zombie apocalypse (which

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I'm not interested in a mediocre life. I'm here to kick ass or die.