You Guys are Awesome So I Want to Give You Drill Bits. Seriously.

This post started out with the title “You Guys Are Awesome So I Want To Give You Drill Bits, Seriously” but that looked like far too many consecutive words starting with capital letters so I randomly decapitalized a few. Sort of like decapitating but… less permanent. And with far less conviction. And apparently the part of my brain that’s supposed to be telling you that Makita sponsored this post and is letting me give away some drill bits is now preoccupied with proper capitalization, which, let’s face it, around here is a bit of a Joke. (Capital J.)

So here’s why you guys are awesome:

  1. Never once in the history of this website has anyone corrected my capitalization. (I feel like this is an unspoken agreement between us… I am going to eff it up, and you all choose to cut me some slack because I spent thirty hours last weekend building a not-finished chicken coop, and I’m writing this after midnight.)
  2. You are funny as hell. Have you ever read the comments section of these posts? Any time I’m having a frustrated minute during my day, I pop in to read some recent comments and then pretend like I’m not laughing hysterically at my own website. Awkward.
  3. You build awesome stuff. Seriously. I get so many emails about people deciding they’re going to up and build their own tables, bathroom vanities, wall art, freaking houses, whatever. And then you send me pictures and they are amazing.
  4. You love tools. You might be a little unsure as to the depth of your love… like, maybe you don’t sleep with your drill under your pillow. But you do occasionally whisper sweet nothings when you’re changing the drill bits. I know you do. Either way, I know you don’t come here just for pictures of donkey noses…

UntitledOr, maybe you do actually. Half the time I only show up for donkey noses.

But still. Tools are awesome. And, while I keep sponsored posts and giveaways to a minimum around here, every once in a while someone contacts me and is like, “Hey, we know you’re busy hugging chickens, but do you maybe want to check out our top-of-the-line drill bits?” Guys. GUYS. Do I want free drill bits? Do you know how much time I spend looking for drill bits? I could build a whole other house with those minutes. Hell yes.

So, Makita (you already know how I feel about my drill, and I can tell you those are pure un-sponsored little hearts in my eyes when I talk about it) and Home Depot asked me to test out the new Makita Impact GOLD line of drill bits, and see if I could wear them out.

They also sent me some gear, since the last impact driver I had access to is actually still back at my last house with my last boyfriend. (It was totally his, but that didn’t mean I didn’t steal it and misplace the battery with regularity. One of my many charms.)


But now I have my own, and it just makes my little heart go pitty pat.

So, let’s talk about bits. First of all, this is the smartest damn thing I’ve ever seen…


It’s basically saying, “We know you’re going to lose the shit out of these things, so we’ve included a few extra. And by “a few” we mean “ten”. You’re welcome.”

Well played, Makita.

As you well know, over the last two weekends I’ve built a barn door and most of a chicken coop. As far as I can tell, I’ve driven approximately 3 full boxes of deck screws in to treated lumber over the course of these projects.


So I would like to think I gave it my all–567 individual times–to wear even one of these damn things down. And…


Nope. Other than a little discoloration on the end? Not even a dent. These things are designed to be used with high-torque impact drivers, and, apparently, by girls who are wedged into a 12″ space underneath a workbench trying to fasten the bottom on some nesting boxes. For eternity.

The bit holder works great (I do all sorts of stupid shit with my tools, and not even one bit popped out while I was working on the coop) although it is supposed to be a two-part deal with an extra strong holder sleeve, and I will say this… two-part bit holders are a little too much for me, since I already lost the sleeve. It’s probably in the pocket of one of my work jeans, but that’s the problem with small, detachable parts.


However, I have no complaint about the bit holder sans-sleeve. It’s significantly better than the old DeWalt bit holder I’ve been using that drops bits if I happen to gesture a bit to wildly while holding my drill. Which, as you can imagine, I do often.

So, want some?

This is a two part giveaway. Makita and the Home Depot want to give you this 21 piece Impact GOLD™ bit set


And I personally want to give you a $50 gift card to Home Depot to jump-start your next project. (That part isn’t sponsored, it’s just because I want to spread a little sawdust joy this week.)

So. Here’s what you’ve got to do: Leave a comment.

That’s it. No gimmicks, no random questions, no posting this shit to eight different social networks. I’m not trying to drive a bunch a traffic here, I just want to give you some fun stuff. One comment per person, and the giveaway will stay open until 11:59 EST on Friday September 6th. I’ll announce the winner Monday, and then the two of us can face-off to see who can wear down even one of these bits sooner.

Just in case it wasn’t clear, this is the part where I tell you that Makita and Home Depot sponsored this post. Obviously. They didn’t tell me what to say, because that’s just effing laughable. If they told me what to say, bet your ass it wouldn’t include donkey noses. So, clearly Makita supports our collective ability to form our own opinions about their tools and share them any damn way we please. I heart them for that.  And because–bless their little tool-making hearts– they are literally making me copy and paste this exact legal jargon here instead of making up my own… something I’ve never done in a decade of blogging: Makita partnered with bloggers such as me for their tool review program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any product mentioned in these posts. Makita believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Makita’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations. (Clearly I didn’t write that part because it didn’t even use the word “shit” once. But whatever.) 

345 Responses

  1. Bit me!

    That would be fantastic for my tool collection…my bits amazingly disappear constantly…no matter what I do…event though they usually end up in my pocket and in the dryer. 🙂

  2. It may disappoint you, but there are not enough tools (or drill bits) to make me want to build a donkey enclosure or chicken coop of my own. I thoroughly enjoy reading about yours, though.

  3. I have 3 beds to build and a stinkin’ kitchen remodel that has been put off for WAY too long. BTW, you ARE awesome and all that.

  4. Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but in our case it might be diamond-tipped drill bits. I’ll settle for gold ones. 🙂

  5. Considering you out do me on projects that involve power tools 100-1, I figure that’s my chance to win…. but… Let’s get out a sewing machine!! Your site is fun. I also know you’ve been very busy, but how did your end of the staircase challenge ever turnout?

  6. These look awesome. We’re modifying our old brick/masonry fence to add some height, so these would be perfect!

  7. There a probably over a hundred jokes somewhere in this article, but I will keep this PG and just say it would be cool to win. Who couldn’t use a gift card to HomeDepot or some bits?

  8. Keep it up Kit! Love Reading your posts While I’m stuck At work And getting ideas for Projects when I get home. Thanks For passing The time.

  9. I’ve got a master bathroom/closet gutted to the studs. Both would be nice to have for this project.

  10. I have dreams about getting a new Makita impact driver. Literally.

    Gimme bits.

    And I know this sounds like I’m totally kissing your ass, but your blog is my favorite. I love your attitude and snarkiness blended with great content. And donkey faces.

  11. After one month of owning my first house, I now fully appreciate the value of a good drill bit. And 50 bucks!

  12. I would love some new bits, and some free cash to my favorite store to jumpstart my bathroom remodel is exactly what I need to get the hubster on board!

    And, thanks for being so inspiring and badass. You rock!

  13. I’m seeing a Christmas present for my 19-year-old son in the making here. Thanks, Makita, we need new bookshelves, desperately. 🙂

  14. Bit me! (that said ‘bite me’ the first time I typed it, which is funny because a few months ago I was building some planter boxes and chucked up both my drills (one with a twist bit and one with a Phillps bit) and was alternating between the 2 until I set the still-hot twist bit drill down on my lap and burnt a drill-shaped impression onto my leg. The scar’s still there and I really hope it never fades. My husband nick-named it the drill bite.)

  15. If these bits are what they claim to be I may lose the nickname my husband so lovingly calls me… “The bit killer”!

  16. We put an offer on a house today, with a nice big lot begging for fencing, raised beds and patio table. Those drill bits would have a happy home!

  17. I heart Makita even more than I heart DeWalt. But not as much as I heart donkey noses, nuggets and laughing with your misadventures (please notice I did not say “at”.)

    Sleeves are highly overrated, but my arm is sore from hand driving screws. Help?

  18. No one…and I mean NO ONE can run through bits faster than my husband. I have been with this man for 34 years so I know this from experience. If he doesn’t break them he misplaces them. He constantly has to make do with odd pieces of bits that are the wrong size for the job. So please think of him when you decide whom the winner will be 🙂 I read faithfully and add projects to his never ending honey do list. My bad…I know I should be doing it myself…

    Thanks Kit!

  19. I love your blog…and I’d love to win some goodies since we’re moving into a fixer upper this month!

  20. With your old coop plans I was able to build my first old coop stand eariler this summer. Turned out it was too small for my trio. Just today I finished my first hand built new super palace coop I built with my super dad. Oh and I got my first impact drive, I love it! So can you send some more power tool love this way?

  21. So relieved to know we make you laugh! The donkey nose had me confused … at first glance I wondered what a camel was doing hanging out with you! Would love the drill bits- def “gold”! And the HD gift card? I hear the half bath whispering…”Where’s my new wall treatment, new paint? What about that new vanity? You promised!” It’s always fun when the walls talk, ya’ know?

  22. I actually wanted to comment on your last post, because it makes me feel good to see your project take longer than expected, but I didn’t because that seemed mean. I’m just glad I’m not the only one it happens to. But free drill bits will bring me out of lurkdom and let me be a little mean.

  23. I could use new drill bits… And I totally love donkey noses. I never realized I just didn’t have enough miniature donkeys pre-your guys popping up on the blog.

  24. So I had you in my DIY section of my reader and recently moved you into my favorites because .. Ummm .. you’re awesome. Renovations and DIY should always be done with humor .. and my family is doing just that .. building a cabin in Maine and we just bought a house outside Seattle that requires a little (lot) of ‘love’ .. can’t wait to see what happens with both!

  25. When I got my new drill I think I actually did sleep with it under my pillow.. and it definitely hears some sweet talk.. would love to shower it with some new bit goodness…

  26. Re-doing the siding on our ‘new’ 100-year-old house. (not done one side yet) Re-building the bathroom we took to the studs … last Thanksgiving. Building Adirondack chairs … we only have plans so far. I am definitely an ADHDDIY!

    And wait until I get the plans finished for the new two-section shed!!


    C’mon EVERYONE loves the wee donkeys and their exploits! I call them Spin and Marty!

  27. I LOVE my Makita drill! I received it as a Christmas gift from my husband who had heard me bitch about our other drill, being too heavy and unbalanced for my smaller hands. I could use some new bits! Love reading the blog too. Donkey noses just make me jealous but I make do with a collie nose. I think the neighborhood association would freak out if I brought home a donkey, but its not specifically outlawed….oh well, the collie shares the bed better any way.

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