You Guys are Awesome So I Want to Give You Drill Bits. Seriously.

This post started out with the title “You Guys Are Awesome So I Want To Give You Drill Bits, Seriously” but that looked like far too many consecutive words starting with capital letters so I randomly decapitalized a few. Sort of like decapitating but… less permanent. And with far less conviction. And apparently the part of my brain that’s supposed to be telling you that Makita sponsored this post and is letting me give away some drill bits is now preoccupied with proper capitalization, which, let’s face it, around here is a bit of a Joke. (Capital J.)

So here’s why you guys are awesome:

  1. Never once in the history of this website has anyone corrected my capitalization. (I feel like this is an unspoken agreement between us… I am going to eff it up, and you all choose to cut me some slack because I spent thirty hours last weekend building a not-finished chicken coop, and I’m writing this after midnight.)
  2. You are funny as hell. Have you ever read the comments section of these posts? Any time I’m having a frustrated minute during my day, I pop in to read some recent comments and then pretend like I’m not laughing hysterically at my own website. Awkward.
  3. You build awesome stuff. Seriously. I get so many emails about people deciding they’re going to up and build their own tables, bathroom vanities, wall art, freaking houses, whatever. And then you send me pictures and they are amazing.
  4. You love tools. You might be a little unsure as to the depth of your love… like, maybe you don’t sleep with your drill under your pillow. But you do occasionally whisper sweet nothings when you’re changing the drill bits. I know you do. Either way, I know you don’t come here just for pictures of donkey noses…

UntitledOr, maybe you do actually. Half the time I only show up for donkey noses.

But still. Tools are awesome. And, while I keep sponsored posts and giveaways to a minimum around here, every once in a while someone contacts me and is like, “Hey, we know you’re busy hugging chickens, but do you maybe want to check out our top-of-the-line drill bits?” Guys. GUYS. Do I want free drill bits? Do you know how much time I spend looking for drill bits? I could build a whole other house with those minutes. Hell yes.

So, Makita (you already know how I feel about my drill, and I can tell you those are pure un-sponsored little hearts in my eyes when I talk about it) and Home Depot asked me to test out the new Makita Impact GOLD line of drill bits, and see if I could wear them out.

They also sent me some gear, since the last impact driver I had access to is actually still back at my last house with my last boyfriend. (It was totally his, but that didn’t mean I didn’t steal it and misplace the battery with regularity. One of my many charms.)


But now I have my own, and it just makes my little heart go pitty pat.

So, let’s talk about bits. First of all, this is the smartest damn thing I’ve ever seen…


It’s basically saying, “We know you’re going to lose the shit out of these things, so we’ve included a few extra. And by “a few” we mean “ten”. You’re welcome.”

Well played, Makita.

As you well know, over the last two weekends I’ve built a barn door and most of a chicken coop. As far as I can tell, I’ve driven approximately 3 full boxes of deck screws in to treated lumber over the course of these projects.


So I would like to think I gave it my all–567 individual times–to wear even one of these damn things down. And…


Nope. Other than a little discoloration on the end? Not even a dent. These things are designed to be used with high-torque impact drivers, and, apparently, by girls who are wedged into a 12″ space underneath a workbench trying to fasten the bottom on some nesting boxes. For eternity.

The bit holder works great (I do all sorts of stupid shit with my tools, and not even one bit popped out while I was working on the coop) although it is supposed to be a two-part deal with an extra strong holder sleeve, and I will say this… two-part bit holders are a little too much for me, since I already lost the sleeve. It’s probably in the pocket of one of my work jeans, but that’s the problem with small, detachable parts.


However, I have no complaint about the bit holder sans-sleeve. It’s significantly better than the old DeWalt bit holder I’ve been using that drops bits if I happen to gesture a bit to wildly while holding my drill. Which, as you can imagine, I do often.

So, want some?

This is a two part giveaway. Makita and the Home Depot want to give you this 21 piece Impact GOLD™ bit set


And I personally want to give you a $50 gift card to Home Depot to jump-start your next project. (That part isn’t sponsored, it’s just because I want to spread a little sawdust joy this week.)

So. Here’s what you’ve got to do: Leave a comment.

That’s it. No gimmicks, no random questions, no posting this shit to eight different social networks. I’m not trying to drive a bunch a traffic here, I just want to give you some fun stuff. One comment per person, and the giveaway will stay open until 11:59 EST on Friday September 6th. I’ll announce the winner Monday, and then the two of us can face-off to see who can wear down even one of these bits sooner.

Just in case it wasn’t clear, this is the part where I tell you that Makita and Home Depot sponsored this post. Obviously. They didn’t tell me what to say, because that’s just effing laughable. If they told me what to say, bet your ass it wouldn’t include donkey noses. So, clearly Makita supports our collective ability to form our own opinions about their tools and share them any damn way we please. I heart them for that.  And because–bless their little tool-making hearts– they are literally making me copy and paste this exact legal jargon here instead of making up my own… something I’ve never done in a decade of blogging: Makita partnered with bloggers such as me for their tool review program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any product mentioned in these posts. Makita believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Makita’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations. (Clearly I didn’t write that part because it didn’t even use the word “shit” once. But whatever.) 

345 Responses

  1. I come for the donkey noses they are so effin cute! Love what you do and thanks for the laughs!

  2. Awesome! I love all of your many project! You’ve inspired me to take on challenges around our home…. I should send you some pics. Funny just last week my husband said to his mom if you really want to get Jen a gift, just get her tools! I can’t help it because I think of all of the cool things I can make when I get a new tool!

    Keep up the amazing stories (and photos). Look forward to reading them with each new post!

  3. I bought a wire brush bit (can you really call that a bit? Oh well, just did) to grind some over sprayed stain off concrete foundation block… there were definitely some “…whispers of sweet nothings” when I put that baby on!

  4. Nuggets,…. and Donkeys,…and Bits…Oh my!
    Pay no attention to the demolished bath behind the curtain, and keep those ruby workboots on! (best defense against flying monkeys…um, bats.)

  5. Free…count me in! I need barn doors for our 30×60 barn rehab, so I could put that little bugger to good use/test.

  6. I’m so glad I finally found your blog… Why? Because I read the above post and all I’ve been able to think since is, “What the hell is an impact driver and where/when can I get one?” I have tool envy.

  7. Oh how I would LOVE these bits. And that drill. But I’ll settle for the bits. 🙂 Regardless of whether I win or not, I will own some of these bits. Being 5 foot nothing and 100lbs I seem to strip my bits to pieces in a matter of minutes. I like to think it’s because I don’t have the leverage to hold them firmly in place. In reality, it’s more likely that I suck at using my drill. But I love it nonetheless. It’s name is George and it did a wonderful job helping me build my first workbench. (And, yes, I name my tools. My mitre saw is Dexter.) It’s very early in the morning and I’m rambling. It’s the coffee talking…

  8. The donkey noses are freakin adorable and those bits would come in handy for sure. I loose them way too fast. I was wondering how you liked the drill? It looks like it would fit into a smaller hand perfectly…. I have the dewalt cordless, but its only 14v and its a monster…

  9. I am here for the awesome girl/ power tool solidarity! Donkey faces and chickens are totally bonuses.
    I am also very suggestible and now want my own donkeys and chickens, but I live in the suburbs so I’ll just settle for my husky. He’s kind of like a donkey sometimes.
    I’d love some of those bits. I am always breaking mine or putting them someplace I couldn’t possibly forget.
    Good luck everyone.
    Also, good job Home Depot for knowing your audience.

  10. I check every day now for updates, tips and chuckles.

    Ok, sometimes I laugh myself silly.

    I could use those bits….I have several “badass” projects to build including two cedar fence projects.

    Bring ’em!

  11. I come here for inspiration, for diy advice, and for entertainment and many laughs. The “bits” would just be icing on an already iced cake. P.S. I also love that you love power tools (so do I — my first request as a married gal was for my very own Dremel….then a compound miter saw….now I want my own table saw.) P.P.S. The donkey noses are pretty damn cool, too.

  12. Awesome giveaway. Longtime silent reader here, finding your projects inspiring and only slightly terrifying. Over the weekend I just ordered a cordless screwdriver from Lowes and am waiting for it to arrive, so some hex shaft bits for it would be pretty awesome!

  13. AMAZING giveaway! I just moved into a place built in 1935 and it requires plenty – and I mean PLENTY – of work. I look forward to it and dread it at the same time: a feeling, I think, you sometimes share.

  14. I always look forward to your posts…you are hilarious and great with power tools! Speaking of power tools (nudge, nudge), would you please bequeath the Makita to me?!!

  15. I am new to your blogs, and I must say… I absolutely love it! The donkey noses make it even better! I’m still trying to talk my hubby into letting me get one….or two! I have much better luck getting more tools than the lil donkey though.

  16. Thanks for letting us all creep on your life. Have you seen those Pins that say “let’s drink wine and fuck up crafts”? You need one that says “Let’s drink beer and build shit”

  17. I found you last spring when I couldn’t figure out how to use those damned clothes line tighteners. But, instead of tightening my clothes line, I spent hours learning a bunch of other stuff here! Now, you’re in my reader so I can keep up on the adventures 🙂

  18. Hurray for free stuff 🙂
    Does the set have the drill bit on one side screw driver on the other piece? Kobalt makes one too that is awesome and cheap.

  19. I love the blog, and that donkey nose pic makes me want to run and buy a farm real fast. Do they always appear to smile a little?

  20. ah man, you got the LXDT06. That’s my next big purchase because i totally need three impact drivers. oh, and because it’s the best impact driver out there.

  21. Love me some drill bits! I bought some DeWalt bits a couple years ago when I was building my doggies a condo. They were okay but the stupid bits would fall out occasionally and the sleeve has been missing since just about the same day I bought them. Unlike your Mikita bits, the DeWalt ones also get shredded up pretty easy (I’m a little over-zealous with the trigger. What can I say?!)…which made me thankful that they included like 20 extras. Wouldn’t you know, I was building a table for my husband last week and realized I was on my last bit?! Definitely considering Mikita after your experience! Thank you for the helpful review!

  22. Yes please! These would be awesome for the deck, the fence and the door installation that were trying to wrap up before winter. Considering we live in Alaska that’ll be starting next week!

  23. Have you already done a post on your favorite screws? We have a serious problem with stripping screws around here and I’m not sure which ones are worth the money (the spam bots must be ALL OVER this post!).

  24. Every day I look for a post from DIY Diva – it’s the 1st one I read. So stinking funny – I want to be you when I get younger 🙂 and I love the Donkeys.
    Would love to win this! Trying to create my own arsenal of tools. Slow going. Those kids just want to eat. Everyday. Nervey.

    Thanks Kit

  25. i spent part of my labor day weekend hanging out with my mom, both covered in sawdust, cutting and sanding a 9-ft tall wooden moose. and it was exactly as awesome as it sounds 🙂

  26. Love the donkey noses. Soooo cute!!!
    Drill bits I can always use. Why do those things wander off so much!!!!

  27. I’d love a face off 🙂 … but honestly, I would loose because I am certain I would loose the bits before I’d wear them down. And since I do 99% of the builds at home, it’s a running joke that my husband is my pencil holder. I even loose the stupid thing when it’s behind my ear and my kids have to remind me as I am uttering all sorts of words while trying to find it (for the 100th time).

    I moved from Michigan .. (I was an Eastsider) .. down to the South (not too far from Ugly Duckling House 😉 ) – so I completely understand the weather crunch you are facing, but if anyone can crank out a bad ass coop before the frozen tundra happens …it’s you!

  28. I’m pretty new to your blog (found it from your recent Lifehacker live chat) but I think it’s already one of my favorites. And I’m a big fan of the donkey noses as well!

  29. Ok, am I the only one that thought the picture was a camel’s nose? Holy s**t–NOW she has a camel?? Nearly snorted my coffee. Love this blog!

    I’ve remodeled, built, and hacked stuff since I was a teen. Recently sent my two kids (boy and girl) off to college with their first tool boxes–and they didn’t even roll their eyes. Turns out they were popular in the dorms ’cause no one else had any tools. Moms with power tools rule!

  30. I have been re-painting kitchen cabinets lately and have discovered that taking off a bunch of cabinet doors does a lot of damage to cheap screwdriver bits! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  31. So much tool envy… and chicken envy. I just made my must get done before winter list. This morning it was cold enough to need a toque and scarf. Winter is coming.

  32. Makita’s got the right idea. I seem to loose or misplace as many screw bits as I do pencils during my projects…sometime I find them…sometime not. My wife is convinced that a higher power is at work trying to save me from an almost inevitable injury.
    Looks like a great set that can take some abuse.

    1. Sure would be nice if they made something that can hold-up to the rigors of the “work-a-day” toobox. I must have close to twenty-five old bit holders that were advertised as “The Best”….bring on the PERFECT tools…..

  33. I too have been using the dewalt bit holder with the same result. I keep throwing bits at whoever is working with me. Or leaving them stuck in the screw hanging off the board i was driving. 🙂

    I may have to look into these Makita ones unless someone just happens to want to give me one. 🙂

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