While I Was Gone

The first forty-eight hours of my week were spent in climates further South. I very rarely need to travel for my day job anymore, which is good, because as you might have gathered from my last post, leaving the farm basically makes me break out in hives. And bruises.

I also left right on the cusp of a snowstorm/Vortex of Freezing Death or some other such dramatic weather event. It’s hard to keep track, as they have been occurring with alarming regularity up here. Whatever it was, it turned out to be the most well-timed dramatic weather event of my life, because it meant schools for a hundred miles shut down for the first part of the week, including the one my mom teaches at.

That meant that Mom was free to stay up at the farm all day for a couple of days and look after things. I did so much prepping for her being here that I figured all she would need to do is loll about on the couch, read a book or two, and check in on the animals every now and then.

Instead, she did this…


That’s my NINE foot tall Christmas tree, which, yes, was still up and decorated in my Living Room. Until my mom got a hold of it, that is…


Her method of tree-removal included dragging it through my entire house on a bedsheet.


So. You know. Good thing I got everything set up so she wouldn’t have to do anything strenuous…


If you’re ever wondering where I get it from… well, I think you have your answer.

My mom really is amazing, always willing to help me out when I need it, and wasn’t even a little bit salty that she was snowed in on the farm while I was somewhere that– between eighteen hours of meetings– I could take a few minutes to do this…


While it was a nice reprieve from the bitter cold up here, frankly, I much prefer this view on the farm…


And I am so glad to be home.

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  1. You have an awesome mom Kit. You are blessed. Have to say that beach looks great. Tired of these polar whatevers this year!

  2. You’re Mom’s a lot like you: she took the time to take pictures of her work! THAT was the most hilarious part.

  3. I also loved that your mom stopped to take photographic evidence – it didn’t hit me until the end of the post that she would have had to stop everything and set up the shot lol. Welcome home!!

  4. That picture of the tree bits on the floor just made me laugh out loud because I did that to my tree too! I didn’t think that’s how all single women got the tree outside! Lol

    1. Did anyone notice the tree was going “top-first”? I actually had to flip it over in the kitchen to take it out the narrow back door “bottom-first”.

  5. I still have my tree up. :/ my living room is so full of kitchen cabinets, appliances, and other shit that I cant even reach the tree to take it down if I wanted to. I may have to host a Christmas party in June this year. Love the new site-very cool.

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