Time Flies When You’re Hugging Donkeys

You know, in recent years, February has been a very unexpected month for me. I mean aside from everything else, February, by its very nature, is the sucker-punch of the entire year. On top of that, in 2012 it brought me this unexpected house and in 2013, well, these guys


You might remember that I was totally unprepared for them. The barn looked like this…


It was, like today, approximately negative one-million degrees outside. And I had to haul a few thousand pounds of bricks out of the barn to build a stall. Here it is (plus chicken coop, minus donkeys where they actually belong) a year later…


On one hand, it’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year. On the other hand, I kind of feel like I’ve been on the receiving end of these donkey hugs forever.


I know this is going to come as an absolute shock to anyone who has spent more than five minutes on this website, but I have been known to, on occasion, ah, overestimate the amount of shit I can handle. Both figuratively and literally, actually. (That’s farm life.)

Once I started adding farm animals into the mix, my entire focus changed on the property. The last year has been so much less about doing fun projects around the house (I realize I’m lumping 18 hours of floor-sanding into the “fun” category there, but you get what I mean… ) and more about getting the foundation of the farm in place.

That meant so much work on the littlest barn on the property.

A new roof


The barn stall…


The big chicken coop


The hay loft


The new doors…


And the fence. Dear god, the fence…


And Doc, who, bless his heart, manage to thwart my fence-building/containment attempts at every turn.

UntitledSeriously, donkey?

I’ll be honest, part of what I love about the donkeys is that they can basically outsmart me at every turn…

Also, just these faces…


Just. How do you not…? You kind of have to love them on the spot.


Truth is, it hasn’t been all easy. There was the dragging incident.

And the many escapes.


I haven’t found a farrier that will come to the farm just to trim donkey hooves, which means I’ve been muddling along on my own, and not feeling great about it considering these little guys have faltered before.

But, I’ve learned. I know how to treat rain-rot, and ticks, and scrapes. I learned how to bid (and win) at a farm auction.


I’ve also learned that there’s nothing better than donkeys in hats.


Unless it’s a donkey selfie…

UntitledOr, frankly, the definition of the term “smart ass”. He is literally sticking his tongue out at me…


So, not easy, but what I’m saying is… definitely worth it. Like pretty much everything else that comes with life on the farm. And I wouldn’t have rather spent my time this last year any other way.

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  1. I know I love my donkeys to the moon and back, and would never ever part with them. They do bring so much to a farm! I have a horse to and love her dearly but it is a different kind of love. More like a respect/love. Donkeys you have to ‘earn’ their love, and when you do it is just the best in the whole wide world! Your troop is just adorable!

  2. Oh god, not another donkey blogger bragging about her adorable donkeys and how she’s soooo exhausted but how totally worth it it all is!

  3. Every one of these posts gets me closer and closer to leaving the city and adopting some donkeys…

  4. Heading out myself for donkey hugs in the snow! And boy are they screaming at me. Like ‘ve starved them for a month or something. They are, just absolutely worth it.

    Now… if the cat would just stop purring and get off my lap…. the donkeys might get fed…

  5. “I haven’t found a farrier that will come to the farm just to trim donkey hooves”

    Money conquers all, well most things anyway. Or you could take a course?

  6. Despite the dragging, I totally want a donkey. Or three.

    P.S. March 11th is “Worship of Tools Day!” The 25th is “Waffle Day.” Not owning more than a hammer and a tape measure, I’m going to celebrate waffles.

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