On Second Thought

For many months now, my thoughts have been fixated on one thing: Snow. Specifically, when the hell it will finally melt so I don’t have to spend five hours plowing the driveway every time I want to leave the house.


Using a tractor to plow the driveway is only fun the first time, and even then only after a few beers and/or a fever-induced delirium. (There might have been both involved, the first time I attempted it.)

The thing is, I like winter. I like the changing of the seasons. Up until about January, I would still get excited when I’d wake up in the morning to find a fresh blanket of snow covering everything. It’s a little magical to walk outside and your entire world looks different overnight.


But, seriously, when a girl can’t walk around her property without getting stuck ass-deep in snow…


Or knee-deep. Whatever. Enough is enough.

So I’ve been hoping, wishing, praying for a melt. And finally, finally, most of the snow has disappeared. Except, um….


I forgot how much of a mess it was under there.


Between the plowing…




Stuff I forgot was in the yard because it was buried under three feet of snow…


Yep. That’s the pirate sail from this party. (Back in September.) Totally forgot that was out there.

Also, this…


The mess from the bathroom demo that was hiding out under all that snow. Plus, broken stuff…


Flat tires…


And, you know what? On second thought, I might be okay if someone dumped a couple of feet of snow on this mess and covered the whole thing up again.


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  1. You forgot the mud! The dog and I had to both have a shower last night (not together) before we could even think about dinner. I wrapped him in a towel and carried him straight to the tub.

    BTW, you’ve heard of spring cleaning, right? On a farm it means spring clean UP and is focused outside.

    1. I think the ugliest time of the year is when it gets cold enough to have most green plants and trees go dormant, lose the fall colors… then we get NO snow, which produces nothing but brown and MUD for months, with cold damp breezes (sometimes gales). I can handle of month of brown and nasty, a winter of it makes me bonkers. Thank God for seasons, snow cover is good to replenish water tables and protects winter wheat.

  2. Wait til it greens up. Do you have bulbs planted? Mine and my Mom’s crocuses are starting to bloom.

  3. Crocuses and snowdrops are great for something pretty before the full force of spring, followed by tulips, daffodils and irises.

  4. That’s how I felt when the snow melt here (in Idaho) revealed all the leaves that fell after my last fall clean-up. I’m STILL picking them out of my gardens.

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