Fourth on the Farm

Freedom may be one of the most compelling parts of farm life. Well, that and the view…


I feel like I have the best of all worlds here. More than enough land to do pretty much anything I could dream up, far enough away from the general population not to have to worry about rules and codes and ordinances, but still close enough that friends can make it out here to celebrate all the awesome things about being American.

Like, uh, tractors… and the ability to use them to set off really big explosives.


I have a friend who has some legit experience with fireworks, and a couple of years ago she put on this display on the farm.


We decided to outdo ourselves this year..


Flaming balls. Fair warning.

I was fairly well terrified of fireworks when I was a kid, and I’m so glad I grew out of that phase, because lighting off fireworks is way more fun than just watching them. We put on quite a show, but since none of the spectators had a fancy camera going, this shot from underneath the grand finale is all I’ve got.


One of my other friends pulled out all the stops on a couple of “pinterest project” refreshments. (Same friend I once had a wand-duel with via sparklers. Fourth of July is kind-of our thing.)

Fruit flag…


Red, white, and blue sangria…


White-chocolate dipped strawberries…


We also soaked some cherries in bourbon for chocolate-dipping, with a splash of butterscotch liquor to the white chocolate. Heaven ensued.

We also had enough burgers and deviled eggs to feed a small army…



It’s always great to take a break from the work and find time to sit back and enjoy the farm. (And I haven’t been neglecting my 10 day “Get Your Shit Together” challenge because of all this fun either. Two more rooms are checked off the list, and there’s more on that to come later…)

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  1. I kind of have the same sort of set up. Far enough away to not bother with the city. Close enough that people are still sometimes willing to make the drive. Looks like your fourth of July was a blast!

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