A Ride Around the Farm

When I tell people I don’t actually own a working TV they’re often like, “What the hell do you do for entertainment?”

Uh… this?

That’s a video of me, on the Kiterpillar, racing to see the sunset. (Thanks to Hyperlapse.)

Technically that wheat field (recently cut down) isn’t my property… yet. But since there’s nothing growing right now, I run my golf card all over it like a mad-woman.

I was originally very skeptical about having a golf cart a golf cart on the farm. I believe my initial reaction to the idea was, “Meh. What am I going to do with a golf cart?”

Oh, only have the most fun EVER.

It’s one of my very favorite stress-reliving activities. Besides, you know, hugging donkeys.

I’ll be doing a lot of this over the long weekend (and maybe some projects too.) Hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day.

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  1. I love those sped-up videos! Now I can tell you exactly what we will be doing this weekend! The kids and I will be making sped up videos!

    And painting cabinet doors for our mini-bathroom makeover!

  2. Since the kids went off to school, I hardly watch television. I have a house now. And a sledgehammer. Enough said.

  3. I can relate to the strange looks you get when you say you don’t watch TV.
    So many people just can’t relate at ALL! We raised our two kids with no TV (we watched DVD’s and Netflix when that came about) and consequently, they both love to read and write, and can put together a coherent written sentence, with the words spelled right! I like to think that it is in large part due to having no TV. They hated it then, but both have said they want to raise their families the same way – crazy girls!
    If I lived on your farm with donkeys and the Kiterpillar, I wouldn’t watch TV either!

  4. We have a working TV but haven’t used it for anything but rented movies, various classes on DVD and streaming Netflix for probably ten years- maybe longer. Can’t say that we miss network TV.

    We’re retiring soon and after a 1 year RV trip all around the US we plan to settle somewhere big enough to grow most of our own food – hope we take our own wild rides around the property – looks like fun!

  5. No TV here either. When we moved into our house 2 years ago, we just never got around to setting it up. And when people ask me what I do for entertainment, I ask them, ‘How the hell do you get anything done with a TV?’ And we live in the city.

  6. I second Tara’s idea – find a way to get the camera on the donkeys and make a speed video of what they do all day – HA! Loved your Kiterpillar videos! Spectacular scenery you’ve got there!

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