It’s Not Over Yet

It’s tempting to spend all of my free time these days holed up in a half-demolished bathroom, trying to piece it back together. Usually when

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Neverending Demo

I feel like I’ve been covered in drywall dust for the last… eternity. It’s been two weekends, right? Well, you have your nose and esophagus

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Chickens & Colors

Fall is by far my favorite season, but it also means a lot of my favorite things are ending for the year–no more fresh veggies

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Tending The Land

While the bathroom floor demo was big news, if we put it in terms of square footage, it was only a tiny, tiny part of

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Thanks To My Bank

You could say I have a somewhat tumultuous history with banks in general, particularly when it comes to houses. (Like the time I had to

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I'm not interested in a mediocre life. I'm here to kick ass or die.