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Fall is by far my favorite season, but it also means a lot of my favorite things are ending for the year–no more fresh veggies from the garden, no more being greeted by the Nugs when I get home from work, no more sunsets–so this time of year I put a little extra effort into appreciating the farm while I can still, you know, see it in daylight.


It’s a little hard to believe this tree doesn’t glow in the dark, actually.

And the Nugs, as always, provide endless entertainment…


Is that chicken joyously frolicking through the leaves, or what?

The guineas remain unconvinced about fall. And everything else, for that matter…


Except for this one thing: They are wholeheartedly convinced that the chicken coop is the most awesome place in the world to hang out… but only when there aren’t any chickens in it. Remember when I was all concerned about the whole chicken/guinea roosting situation? Well, they’ve figured it out for themselves.

There are variations on this little scene basically every morning…

I don’t know if it’s just because I’m a crazy person who lives on a farm without a TV or if this is genuinely funny, but it cracks me up every day.

Birds have more personality that I would have expected. Especially this Nug, who is my first girl to molt. And… wow.


I know this a natural part of being a chicken, but it just looks so pathetic. And itchy. Even the Nug next to her is giving her the eye.

I’m not entirely convinced that she’s not a bionic chicken…



This Nug has single-handedly ensured I’ll never complain about having a bad hair day again.

And, since I don’t want to end on the note of my poor, half-nekkid chicken, I’ll leave you with a little glimpse of one of my last weekday sunsets on the farm…

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  1. Every year one or more of the blue jays or crows at my deck feeders molts all the feathers off its head at once. It looks like Night of the Living Dead or something.

  2. My children will play this video over and over. Hilarious! It is similar to a Benny Hill scene for us old enough to know the show 😉

  3. I watch a good deal of TV shows and, yes, the bird video is hilarious!

    Of course, I’m also easily amused, so…

  4. Love the chicken/guinea video! Hilarious! I had to watch it twice. I love how the last chicken launches herself out of the coop like a drunk driver going too fast through a sharp turn.

  5. It’s much more fun to watch one’s critters than anything on the tube. 😀

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