Life With Birds

When I first thought about bringing chickens to the farm… well…there wasn’t much thought, actually. I happened to be at Tractor Supply, and there happened to be tubs full of adorable little Nugs running around, and the next thing you know…

But if I’d spent any time really thinking about chickens, I would have expected them to be kind of lame. I mean, they’re birds, right? Birds seem like they would be lame.

You don’t expect them to recognize your car pulling into the driveway and rush to greet you. Or to take walks around the property with you. Or to make you laugh.

But it turns out, birds are pretty awesome.

Birds will try to steal your beer if you leave it unattended for even just a minute…


Birds will help you unload thirty bales of hay…


Birds will warm your fingers up if you don’t have gloves around…


Birds will let you know when the cat who lives in the house is actually in the house…

(That’s what guineas sound like, by the way. Love them.)

Birds will hang out with you on a rainy day…


Birds will smile pretty for the camera…


That’s what life with birds is like. Pretty awesome.

And life with donkeys ain’t too shabby either…


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  1. I had some pet chickens and a duck as kid. I don’t know how we managed that in the city but we did. We never got in trouble for it. The best was the duck though. He did get the most stereotypical duck name ever Donald, but he was pretty cool. He did this cool war dance anytime a stranger came by the house.

  2. The only thing is donkeys don’t smile quite as pretty as chickens. I second Jason that ducks are the best. Oh and just wait until you get geese. Mine would go for a walk with me down the road every afternoon and we took him to our cottage on the weekend where he would swim with us in the lake.

  3. We had a Duck. Great guy. He was90% poop and 10% duck.
    Great face on your donkey. You have to smile. Do they have names?

    1. The donkeys are Parker and Doc. The chickens don’t have names, I just collectively refer to them as Nuggets. Or Nugs.

  4. Do the nugs jump into your lap/arms, or just allow you to pick them up? Do they snuggle, or struggle? Do they prefer foreign or domestic beer???
    Hope the bathroom is coming along.

    1. I have one snuggler. She doesn’t jump up, but she’ll stand next to you and let you pick her up, and she snuggles right in. The rest of the chickens will tolerate being picked up and I have at least one that hates it. The guineas won’t get within arms reach most days…

  5. Well I got chickens for the first time in my life this past summer. I have five. Two adults, Louise and Butterball. and three chicks, of whom are almost grown. I am amazed at myself for how much I LOVE MY CHICKENS!!!!! I have to have chicken hugs every day!!!!! I thought I was weird, so I really loved your post….Oh and they each have their own personality too!

  6. Birds are pretty damn awesome! We are keeping five girls smackdab downtown-ish now, completely legal (no more bootleg barn yard!) with permit and certificate and all that jazz, and it’s ridiculously awesome.
    I can while the world away sitting in my tiny backyard watching the bees and the chicken

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