What Stubborn Kids Get for Christmas

Yeah, yeah, we all know that nice kids get presents and naughty kids get coal, but nobody ever tells you what stubborn kids get for Christmas, so this story could either be inspirational or a cautionary tale, depending on your perspective. Let’s just say that it’s… colorful.

One of the things I bought myself for Christmas this year was a dresser to go in the bedroom that is actually starting to look like a bedroom after 3 years. It came last weekend.


I had the delivery guys leave it in the dining room, thought for a hot minute about waiting until my mom came up for Christmas to move it upstairs and then was all, “Nah… I got this.” Because stubborn. And according to the shipping label it only weighs 129.8 pounds, so…


No problem.

And, actually I managed to pick the thing up and do this awkward crab-like shuffle sideways up the stairs with it, and it really wasn’t a problem. Then I made the turn to the “short” side of the stairs, and repositioned my grip. Which was a bad idea, because when I was half-way up the short side, the laws of physics began to work against me, and there was a good 10 seconds where I realized changing my grip had shifted the center of gravity, and both the dresser and I were slowly tipping backward, but there was nothing I could do about it. Effing physics.

This realization culminated in a small crash and a dent in the wall…


And also a dent in one of my legs (which made a good show of trying to stop the 129.8 pound dresser all by itself. Even my legs are stubborn.)


But, really, the important part here is that I won.

image(That’s the Aiden from World Market, by the way.)

And the bedroom is feeling brighter and more organized every day.


Which, you know, isn’t hard when this is what you started with…


And I think I’ve sufficiently answered the question of what stubborn kids get for Christmas. They get to do whatever the hell they set their minds to, the laws of physics be dammed. And, uh, in the process, they also sometimes get bruises…


Large, colorful bruises. I think this one is going to look particularly awesome in my NYE party dress, by the way, and one of my long time blog-friends suggested I should just make a sharpie tattoo out of it instead of trying to hide it and…


Yep. That seems about right.

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  1. This is me, every time. Too darn stubborn to acquire any help because 1) things generally need doing when others aren’t around, and, 2) of course I can do it myself. Duh. Love the dresser, by the way.

  2. Merry Christmas Kit. Sharp dresser, legs intact,ahhh except the bruise on yours. It looks good there. Very kewl old house, especially like the upper arched windows and the window top soffits. I can only imagine that bedroom is lath and plaster.
    be well…

  3. My younger self is like “AHHhahahahahahahaha, that’s way too familiar!!

    My now older self is like Woman, get a grip…and not on the dresser! A war wound and tat is great at your age and you will rock it on NYE, BUT when there comes a time when it is your back that gets tweaked and takes you out for much longer than is fun, you may want to have a CTJ talk with yourself and begin to think ‘Hmmm, maybe I need some help here’ before you think “I can do this, no problem.”

    However, the dresser looks fabulous. You might want to leave that dent in the wall…it would be a good reminder.

  4. Dammit! The side table to match that dresser is out of stock online. How much do I feel like driving several hours for a piece of furniture.

  5. Argh. I’m jealous of your dresser. Not so jealous of your bruise. We moved our dresser out of our bedroom yesterday in order to accommodate our new king size bed. The bed is great. Living with my clothes down the hall in another room is not so great. It’s only been a day, but I have lots of incentive to get the master bedroom done so that I can fit all of my furniture in one room!

  6. As a single woman who also refuses to ask for help – a large thick moving blanket has made it possible for me to move several heavy pieces of furniture without damage to myself or said furniture. Not sure it would work on the stairs though. Pulling furniture on a moving blanket is much easier than trying to carry stuff yourself.

  7. I like how you don’t even bother to make up the bed for the after picture. It’s how 90% of people live, but not everyone has the gumption to show it off online.

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