The Definition of Unfinished

This is the current state of my indoor workbench…


It’s a pretty good metaphor for my life. Little bit of awesome, lot unfinished…

I used to put myself under a lot of pressure to deal with unfinished things, and, honestly, there are lots of good reasons to do that. Like when you’re living in a garage and need to get the house you’re building livable before you lose your sanity, for example. (Been there, done that.) Or when you need to get a fence installed because your stubborn asses are escaping every day

So, you know, it’s really easy to start to mistake unfinished for bad.

But when I looked at my workbench on the day I snapped that picture, I realized that I really kind of love having unfinished things around. There’s something comforting in a space that is cluttered and filled with projects that I could pick up any moment I feel like drawing or painting or making something.

Right now, for example, I could work on…

More tiny planets:


There are already a bunch hanging up in my office, but I’m always adding more.

Also, painted saws:


(“I’ll cut you bitch” is one of my favorite jokes, from one of my favorite bearded ex-boyfriends… you have to zoom in on the picture to get it though.)

My watercolor birds are also taking up quite a bit of workbench real estate:


I’ll probably make one more and call the series done, but given my hit-or-miss watercolor skills, that might take a few tries.

And, also Impossible things:


I should totally add “finishing projects” somewhere on there…

I mean, I do occasionally finish things. Like I finished building the actual workbench all of this fun takes place on…


Actually. Bad example. I don’t think I ever bolted the top on to this thing… now that I mention it.

That’s cute. It was kind of a joke but its actually possible I never legitimately finish things. A psychiatrist would probably have a field day with that, but, shit, let’s not pretend that’s the craziest thing about me either…

The craziest thing might just be that I like it.

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  1. Bask in the comfort of a hot bubbly tub of relaxation sipping slightly chilled wine, knowing your bathroom was upgraded /redone the right way and as you designed it…by you. As you wrote earlier, it takes a wee bit of creative craftsmanship to meld the old full dimentional lumber to todays sizes. I do believe you will indeed finish soon.
    Impossible things…too many tools….too much time to design n build/create
    We are funny creatures at times and all
    works in progress….
    Happy Valentines Day

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