Wherein I Am Not The Crazy Bird Lady, I Swear

I don’t think we really need photographic evidence to prove that over the last three years I’ve become a crazy bird lady. But just in case there was still a question…



I know. Try not to die from the cute.

Also, before anyone gets too excited, contrary to what appears to be happening in these pictures, I did not get ducks. I am not the crazy bird lady in this post.


My grandmother got ducks.

I lived with my grandmother for a time when I was a wee little thing of six or seven, and at that time she was raising a few gouldian finches in her basement. And by “a few” I mean seventy-five. Because I did not come from women who half-ass their crazy, okay?

I remember more than one occasion where she would hand me a fishing net, and we’d go running through the house trying to catch an escapee. So what I’m saying is, I come by all of this naturally.

Anyway, my grandma lives in a little sub-division on a small lake, and decided she needed some ducks, and because I’m an enabler when it comes to farm-animals, I lent her my brooder kit, picked up some ducks, and dropped them off at her house.

What’s a good granddaughter for, anyway?

Well. Here’s what. For getting you ducks and then building a duck coop. Duck coop? Duck house? Whatever it is, we need one. I’m not a duck expert… (also, side note, do you know how easy it is to misspell duck as dick? I do. Because when I reread that last sentence it said “I’m not a dick expert” and I blinked four times and then my head hit the desk. NOT IN A POST ABOUT MY GRANDMOTHER FORGODSAKE. I’m really bad a spotting typos, so now I’m a little paranoid that this post is filled with a lot of unintentional dicks. Just… okay. I’m done.)

ANYWAY. Anyway. Enough. Duck houses… that’s what we’re talking about here. And I’m going to build one. Since I’ve built two chicken coops in the last two years I’m hoping this project will be fairly quick and easy once I get the design down. (Famous last words.)

Here’s what I’m looking at for inspiration right now. First and foremost, the chicken coop I built


We want the duck house to be on stilts but much lower to the ground, though, and since it will be lower to the ground it won’t be as easy to clean with this configuration. My grandmother is 87 and still a total badass (she ran circles around me in my garden last year) but I’d still like to make this as easy as possible for her.

Something with a hinged roof, maybe…

{found here}

Or this fun little design…

{found here}

 I’m actually really kind of sweet on the A-frame design, now that I look at that.

I’ve also got this crazy idea that I’m going to build most of it on Saturday. Three days before I leave the farm (and my still unfinished bathroom) to go sit on the beach in Mexico for a week and twiddle my thumbs. Or, you know, drink a lot of margaritas.

 But do you know what compels people to do crazy things?


When a baby duck falls asleep in your scarf.


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  1. Totally the A-frame, but maybe a sliding bit so that Gramma does not have to be inside to clean it? A drawer-type dealio?

    Gramma is aces!! And you are a good grandchild. Likely you deserve pie.

    We on the site will just start the pool on when you get ducks. Never mind us, go on with what you are doing … .

  2. today must be duck day, I had two at my gate this morning when I took out the rubbish at 8am. (I live in a small town just outside Christchurch NZ, and our house is next to a managed drain/creek), the ducks then headed of into the creek but the came back for bread, with gusto. Sometimes a momma duck and babys comes by, and they have been known to swim right under the road in the creek culvert which is pretty funny, to listen to the babys pepping coming out of the drain grating as they go under neat. Have a great vactaion!!!

  3. Too funny n too cute Kit! The “Ducks” , if I’m correct,l follow you around more than chickens. We have sold quite a few chicks, lots of cornish, some turkey and some ducks. I’m amazed at how fast the ducks do grow as well as the cornish’s eating characteristics…guess that’s what they were bred up for.
    Your grandmother will indeed have an awsome time with the “ducks” and the A frame coup does look to me like it would be a wee bit more user friendly.
    If in your way to the tarmack heading for the plane putting away your keys and in your hand is the corkscrew….that is a good thing 😉 Possibly you’ve been thinking of this beach gettaway for awhile and unconciously it from time to time ends up in your hands. Don’t leave home w/o it
    ENJOY! Looking forward to a “duck coup”
    of your choice photo in a post possibly from the beach…you won’t be bored as long as you take your laptop…have a couple modells (spl) for me plz

  4. Duck box, I think. You know… it’s your duck, in a box. 😉

    Also, now I want a t-shirt that says I don’t half-ass my crazy.

  5. If I could potty train a duck, I would totally have one as an indoor pet. 🙂 I raised an abandoned duckling when I was younger living on the farm & it’s one of the best experiences of my life. I’m all about the duck love <3

  6. You should totally build yourself a pond! and then get some ducks…that would be sweet!….throw some fish into the pond….oh yes.

  7. What adorable ducklings! I’m with you, the A-frame looks really sweet. I’d imagine the other one’s hinged top might be pretty heavy and (because I’m a klutz) I’d probably slam my fingers in it. The A-frame looks easier to open/close.

    I also love your “Because I did not come from women who half-ass their crazy, okay?” quote. I can SO relate to that. I come from a bunch of amazing women who were/are super-passionate (crazy?) about a lot of things. I totally feel you.

    I picked up my buff orpington chicks last night (my first chicks!) so I’m all sorts of excited right now. Thus BEGINS my crazy… 😉

  8. Step 1: Cut a hole in the box
    Step 2: Put your bird in the box
    Step 3: Make her open the box
    It’s a duck in a box!

  9. You are so lucky to have gotten your crazy from your grandmother, I had to find mine all by myself….. 🙂 I’ve raised ducks and the A-Frame gets my vote, that way she can just rake it out.

  10. You might as well build 2 duck houses this weekend and take.one home !lol I am so getting myself and family a tshirt… :women in my family don’t do half ass crazy” – That is pricless! Let us all know.if you do a tshirt…we’ll be lining up to order!

  11. “Because I did not come from women who half-ass their crazy”

    I want to learn how to craft and start an etsy shop just to put this quote on things.

  12. I love the A frame. Should be easy to clean, these ducks are getting very large. I need to get them out of the guest bedroom very soon. How long before I can put them on the porch which has windows and a heater? This is a learning experience, for sure.
    Sometimes I wonder why I take after my grand daughter
    who loves the same thing i do.

  13. Between the duckling pics and the dick paragraph, this now in my top 10 favorite posts. I saw the thumbnail and thought “SHE GOT DUCKS!!”, and was thoroughly disappointed that you did not get ducks. You know you need to post lots of duck pictures now for us, right? You can’t just tease.

  14. Well yea, it runs in the blood, both CRAZY and CRITTERS. I’m a tenth generation farmer so I can’t stop with the animals and fowl myself. Little ducklings are much more lovey than chicks, they sit still a lot more, and like to cuddle and sleep on you. On the other hand they are messier and when mine grow up they get more distant. A lot of my grown chickens still like to fly up and ride on my shoulder.

    Last year I was at upset when some of my new store-bought “female” ducklings ended up being drakes, until I realized I can now make my own ducklings! 🙂 Since then I have hatched three batches of ducklings and have 7 more eggs in the mini brinsea due in 26 days. Woot!

  15. “I’m really bad a spotting typos…”


    You did that on purpose, didn’t you? 😉

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