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So, before you skip ahead and watch this video without any context (you’re going to anyway, aren’t you? Yeah, fuck it, I would too…) Well, if you’re not the skipping-ahead-type, I’d like to say a thing first: It wasn’t an easy decision to let a production company come out to the farm and set up a shoot that involved some of my current projects and a lot of my actual real life (and a lot of my real life family and friends too.) Maybe there are a lot of people who would do that just for a chance to be on TV? I don’t know. But I do know that telling an authentic story is a big part of my life, so handing the reigns over to “other people” wasn’t easy, but Joyce and Roberto from Fog Edge Media are fucking fantastic.

I loved having them here, and they were amazing about putting up with my “you know I kind of hate being around other humans when I’m working” tendencies. And I also gained a ton of appreciation for what they do…

KIT_WEB from kitliz on Vimeo.

Just for reference, that half-second shot where I crossed something off my chalkboard list? That took at least 30 minutes to set up, and there were twenty of my closest friends and family hiding just out of the range of the camera… just knowing they were all there trying to be super quiet makes it one of my favorite shots of the reel.


And I also love this part where my house looks like it should be something in a Pottery Barn catalog  (that’s this room, if you want to see my take on it) …


I mean, it’s really a hot mess, but this is how I see it in my head, so I don’t mind if it actually turns up that way on camera.

But other than the fact that they captured the most photographically beautiful parts of life on the farm, they also actually cared about getting the story right. And I know that this video is a lot of me talking about me… but in between all that, I think you get a real glimpse of life on the farm. Of why it’s not a burden to me to be here, to take care of the animals, and to do what I do. I’m amazed, and excited, and feel completely blessed to be here every day, no matter what it requires of me.

I’m so grateful to Fog Edge for showing that.

And I’m also grateful to all the friends and family who are in this shot for pretending to use spoons to eat pasta with when we ran out of forks mid-shoot…


Clearly we’re professionals around here.

And if nothing else comes from this I’m so grateful to be able to share this little glimpse of life on the farm with everyone… it’s not easy or perfect, but it is quite wonderful even on the hardest days.

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  1. What can I say. seeing that beautiful baby 5 minutes old, watching her grow and climb my favorite cherry tree, dig in the mud etc. How could anyone know you would have this much fun in your life. Great video and I am so proud of you. Mamie

  2. So well done! It was really good to hear your actual voice and see you in action. Thanks for all the inspiration and your willingness to share your awesomeness : )

  3. My brother introduced me to your site and video. He went to school with your Mom. I absolutely LOVE what you are doing, your energy and creativity. Wishing you the very BEST! Keep doing what you do and I will keep following!

  4. That was so great and sweet! I think the video really captured what I love most about your blog and what keeps me coming back- it was educational, yes, but it was full of laughs, smiles, animals, hard work, references to alcohol, and shots of your beautiful farm. You following your dreams leaves a ripple effect on people you have never even met. Thanks for keeping it real and putting a little bit of beauty in this world.

  5. Amidst a week that had so much ‘life’ going on I went to the library to take out a book from one of my favorite authors to escape. That same day I (don’t remember from where) stumbled onto your blog. Needless to say I have not read one word of my book but have read every word you have written. On this blog, ever. I laughed,cried, held my breath, shook my head in wonder at your stories. It read like a good book. And it ended with this post and video. Perfect ending. But wait, it’s NOT over! Looking forward to future stories. Thank you.

  6. Awesome video!!! I love how you just do stuff. That “I can do that” attitude. It’s so inspiring! We are capable of doing so much! More than we think we might be capable of. Just gotta try. And your farm is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  7. How contagious is your energy! There should be more people like you, people who can find happiness in anything, anywhere.

    And your life in the farm! You’re a bit a irked and delighted at the same time 🙂

  8. Look at all you have built with your life. Their video made me teary, and I have known you for all of a couple weeks as I have binge-read everything you have worked through and worked FOR in the last few years (and I am not up to CURRENT yet). I can tell you right now, in the most sincere, hoping-not-to-be-creepy way that you are an influential person in my life, and thinking about the things you have done inspires me and GOADS me into being better. Watching all of this happen over years makes me hopeful and shows me that the small efforts I can make today won’t be wasted… investing my time in things that matter won’t be wasted… even if things get worse before they get better.

    I am a mom with two kids, 6 years old and almost one year old, but I also have a sister who is going to be a junior in high school. I sent her your post ‘to the kids in 1445’ (some such number) because she has been talking about how she doesn’t feel like she has something calling her name–she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. Your reach is further than you know 😀

    Dude, Kit, you have put so many realizations into frame in the last couple weeks, simply by documenting your life. I am so thankful for you, and I have been sending prayers out to take the burden off your wonderful mom (because you DO do some very worrying things ;))

    Who knows if you’ll read this, but I am glad to have finally been able to express my peace? in finding you. What a beautiful, wonderful, life-filled human you are.

    1. Lexi, thank you so much for this comment… in the current world it’s been a couple of weeks since I got a post up, and I’ve been feeling a little “blah” about my storytelling. Sometimes I forget just how many stories are up here, and all the lessons I’ve learned along the way, and that sometimes it’s just about small progress (not every story has to be brilliant) and that they are still meaningful. So this note from you came at just the right time, and that’s what I love about the internet… my stories may be meaningful to you in some small way, and yours are just as meaningful to me!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of my past posts (I can’t even imagine binge-reading all of those… there must be so much rambling and bad grammar!) but even more for taking the time to let me know that my stories mean something to you. I hope the 2016/2017 posts live up to the hype. It’s been a fun (and challenging) couple of years since this post!

  9. I keep coming back to this post and admiring the top picture of the pergola on the barn side. its EXACTLY what we want to do. but I cant find any posts with the plans or the details. are there any?!? would love to see the process to see if it is “do-able” by us or if we should sub it out.

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