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No joke, guys… right now there are four people staring at my face as I type this. Roberto– creative direcor/editor/chief-in-charge-of-telling-me-to-do-things-just-one-more-time (it’s never just one more time) — just told me to sit down at my computer and “type something fantastic”. So if at some point in the future you see a video of me  blogging in my kitchen… this is what I was writing.

I literally think I might finish this post before they’re done getting video of me writing this post. It’s on!

I’m writing this during the very last of three days of shooting video around the farm. It’s been fun to have some time dedicated to building things (a lot of the time they just wired me up with a mic, stuck and camera on a tripod, and left me alone to built things and mutter to myself) and it’s also fun to work with these guys, because 1.) they seem to genuinely love and appreciate the farm, 2.) we have a good time, and 3.) they make the most innocuous things around here seem artful and pretty…


Including me?






Here’s the thing… the 10 days leading up to this shoot were crazy that at the point that people were about to start putting me on camera I seriously– as the kids say– had no more fucks left to give. None.

Not about my hair, or the huge stress-related zit on the middle of my forehead, or the fact that my work-around-the-house clothes are not the most flattering clothes to wear on camera probably. Also not about the fact that my sink was full of dirty dishes or that I’d spent a negligible amount of time figuring out how to build the thing I was supposed to be building while everybody watched.

Because of that…

(Roberto just told me I had to stop typing and go into the living room and pretend to read a book. Pretend… ha. Hope everyone is ready to settle in for the long-haul, because when I start reading a chapter in a book, you can be damn sure I’m going to finish it. Cameras or no.)


Okay, so it’s 24 hours later and 1.) Roberto won the “filming vs. blogging” race, clearly. Also, 2.) If you ever see a shot of me reading a book on the couch, the book is A Man Called Ove… this is definitely in my top 5 books of all time (I was supposed to be fake-reading but I still almost laughed out loud and cried in the 7 minute span of time it took me to re-read Chapter 27.)

So, back to what I was saying before I had to go fake-read, and then say goodbye to the crew that’s been hanging out with me for the last 72 hours, and then spend a day recovering with the cat…


Seriously, this is what we’ve been doing all day. And most of last night.


Filming was… fun. Not because I like having cameras in my face or because I’m particularly good at building things with cameras in my face (all of that is still up for debate) but because I was working with a great group of people, and– cameras or no– I had 3 days dedicated to building things I’d been meaning to build and working around the farm. And I got to see a lot of friends and family on top of it.

I definitely have a lot to share about everything that happened, but, honestly, I’m still fighting a little exhaustion and I’m not sure I’ve got it all sorted out in my head yet, so, instead, here’s a recap of some of the behind-the-scenes shots from the last few days…

The part where I use the sleeves off old t-shirts to patch the holes in the crotch of my work jeans.


The part where I tore up a bunch of tiles in what ended up being a ton of un-necessary work…


The part where things look whey prettier on camera than in real life…


One of many times where I had to stand inside and wait for my cue before I was allowed to walk out the door…


The part where my dad steals the show…


Oh, and also we took a break from building things to shoot guns (at exploding targets, obv… everything is more fun if you get you to blow shit up.)


Oh, and that part where we did a mead-tasting (more on that to come) and I got nacho tots from my favorite bar…


And the part where this Nug about stole that prezel-stick right out of Josh’s hand during a lunch break…


But here’s the best part…


I actually finished the mudroom storage lockers, and they look pretty damn good.

I’m not sure if this qualifies as “typing something fantastic” but it is a little slice of what the last few days were like. As soon as I get my wits back about me I’ll tell you all about the actual build and some other fun things I learned last week.

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  1. Yeah, it’s fantastic.

    Love Ove, great book.

    Tile demo, unnecessary?!
    SHIT!!…I mean, Yikes!

  2. They had the Shot Show in Vegas for all the outdoor hunting / shooting enthusiasts while the real event was being filmed right at the Black Feather Farm. I can definitely see the interest swaying in the filming crew from their daily job to shooting guns at the drop of a hat when they were brought out. Does sound like everyone had a fun time and kewl fun stuff went down including the Wurst trip. You did a great job on the mud room open locker / storage piece right up to the period trim. My mud room is a rear entrance/downstairs upper landing w/a pocket door closet > not deep enough for properly hanging coats w/o binding but does have a coat hanger bar in it and a kitchen entrance all in one. I’m going to get rid of the bar and put an oak board with spaced coat hooks on the back wall so the door closes properly w/o binding making it less pain in the ass and neater looking. Looking forward to seeing the video Kit.

  3. I love your cat! We had a black cat named Nina when I was growing up that looked just like yours. Black cats are the plushest, most velvety cats ever!

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