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For a piece of property that leaves almost no time for just sitting around, I’ve been oddly obsessed with creating places to sit around the farm this year.

First, I upgraded the plastic Adirondack chairs that have been a staple around the fire pit for a couple of years for these legit wood Adirondacks…


So pretty. (You can find them here.*) Also hefty enough that they won’t blow across the yard in a slight breeze like the plastic ones did.

I’m so much happier with this firepit arrangement with the gravel, particularly when I think back to what a mess it used to be. So much better now:


I’m still going to do some kind of stone firepit eventually, and add a few more benches out there, but that’s a project for another summer.

But, in the interim, there’s actually a lot of seeing not too far away, because I finally got chairs for the long table under the pergola.


These are actually outdoor wood folding chairs from World Market and they’re the most solid chairs I could find for around $35 apiece. And they can be easily moved over to the firepit area (or anywhere on the property, for that matter) for more seating.

I’ve also (finally) started to put together a place to sit on the covered front porch which has been so neglected that until a few weeks ago the only “furniture” on it were a couple of old paint cans that I never threw away after repainting the floor four years ago. Yeah. Four year old paint cans. So this is a slight improvement…


I love the chairs, but I’m unsure about the color of that rug, as are the Nugs, apparently…


So judgy, these chickens.


(They are also unsure about these new plants I added to the back patio without consulting the flock first.)


As far as the front porch goes, there’s still a lot of space to fill up there AND I’ve got a very large cushion that’s just waiting for me to build a porch swing for it to sit on. I’m hoping to get to that project sometime before it snows. (Ha. Unlikely.)

Still, the front porch has, for the first time in my years at this house, become a favorite spot to sit and read and watch the Nugs.

As far as places you can find me when I’m not off working on something around the farm, the front porch is second only to this spot these days…


This little table fits perfectly in the space I left open in this last row of raised beds, and it’s nice to finally have a place to sit and relax out in the garden.

So. That’s four new places to hang out on this property, now if I could just find the time to actually sit down for a minute…


*Yeah, all the chairs in this post are from World Market, but, oddly, this wasn’t in any way sponsored by them, and those are not affiliate links. I just really like their outdoor furniture and it often goes 30-50% off making it more affordable.

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  1. Hi, love the gravel at the fire pit! Did you put anything under it before you put the gravel down? We want to do a fire pit and the are you made fir it seems so pulled together! TY

    1. Yep. I use weed fabric under all of my gravel, and I also spray them twice a year with a year-long weed/grass killer.

  2. The chairs look great. I’ll be interested in seeing how well they hold up over a couple of years

  3. Hopefully, when you find a minute to sit down, chosen place to sit has not been ‘fertilized’ by nugs.

    1. Ha. They don’t really get up on furniture (and they hate that rug… won’t walk on it.) So I think we’re good there!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rug on a porch… do you really need one there?

    1. Oh, I like the idea of having a rug there, I just wish that one was a darker gray.

  5. Love all of the new seating. Guess your Nugs were hoping for some tasty, edible plants!

  6. Thank you, Kit, for the info on World Market! I just picked up 2 rugs for my front porch. Like all of your seating choices too; I hope you find time to actually use them.

  7. This reminds me of one of my favorite movies. Your back porch looks inviting. I’ll be back when I remember it.

  8. I saw chickens walking on your porch. How you manage to keep it clean like that, carpet also. If you leave chicken to walk that way on porch you will never sit and rest in those chairs because whole day you will spend cleaning after them.

    1. I have enough space that the chickens don’t spend enough time in one area making messes for it to be a problem. They won’t even walk on the carpet.

  9. I like that outdoor wood folding chairs, i have them also. I have painted mine in white color to mach color of my deck. They are perfect and strong enough. Previously I also had plastic chairs but those chairs are not safe enough especially after one year in garden.

  10. love all your new seating! i’ve been a huge fan of world market for years – so amazing. love their store and their webstore. the chicken pictures are so funny! they are quite judgy, aren’t they. love the rug on the porch.

  11. Hey, more sitting areas mean that you’ll be able to take a breaks whenever you want without having to travel too far!!

    LOVE the fire pit chairs!!

  12. What about the table on the front porch? Also World Market? I’ve been looking for one exactly like that! Who knew it would be so hard to find a white top circular outdoor table?

  13. I have a french dining room table in vanilla oak. It is too big for inside but perfect for an outside Deck next to lake water.

    Can I varnish or paint it and put rubber lugs on the leg bases to turn it into an outside table? There is an extension piece that fits inside so many parts to this table and clips to secure the extension piece in place.

    Perhaps I should only prepare the table and remove the extension piece?

    Please can I have some much needed advice ASAP as the alternative is to sell the solid oak table for far less than its worth.

  14. The concept of local and sustainable agriculture can contribute to solving environmental, social and racial issues. Thanks for sharing great article.

  15. Everyone has their favourite places to sit, whether it be in the garden, on the patio, on the decking or simply in fron of the tele. I have a personal favourite and its only a new favourite for me. Since the kids have moved out of the house, I thought I would build myself a little ‘me area. I started at the bottom of the garden by cutting into the bank next to the stream and levelling it off with an intention of putting slabs down. Then I looking into resin so I laid it with resin, I finished it off with a few plants and finally, I put some small fanecin around the sides to really make me feel on my own. I love to go down there in the mornings and read my papaers whilst sipping on a hot cup of tea.

  16. Kit, I know this is a super old post but when I’m burned out on my own project I read the archives to get my mojo back! ANYWHO, your friend Sarah pointed me to these crazy affordable Adirondack chairs which are now on sale and the collapsible ones are amazing:–2923853590&TID=4441350

    Just in case you need some additional seating options around the farm like in the garden.

  17. I love the hammock and fairy lights you have in your first picture – it creates such a beautiful feel. And there can never be enough sitting places – chairs and benches are the perfect easy way to fill a boring space and give it some life. So the more sitting places the better I think!

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