Upstairs Bathroom: Mirror Adventures

Oh, hey, look what we’re talking about again… the second longest running bathroom remodel in the history of houses I’ve owned. (Technically there was a bathroom in my first house that didn’t have trim around the door for four whole years, so I have a little while until I beat that one. But at the rate I’m going this room may not have an actual door for another year or two.)

This bathroom is not done. But hey, guess what? It does have some very pretty mirrors.


Mirrors that can only be picked up at the store (not shipped) from Home Depot Canada.

Turns out there are thousands of styles of mirrors you can get all over the US, but not this one, and for some reason this is the one I had my heart set on. (In fairness, there are a few options like this, but they go for $236 per mirror. The Home Depot Ca has them for $83 Canadian each, which is like $63 USD right now.)

Here’s the good news: I only live about 90 minutes from a Canadian Home Depot. So I did what any normal person who hasn’t had a functioning bathroom upstairs for three years would do…



I legitimately made my mom update her passport so that we could go to Canada together to get these mirrors. (And, since we were going to Canada anyway, do a few other fun things.)

First, when I changed jobs a few months ago I actually started working for a company that you all know is very near and dear to my heart. So near and dear, they actually quoted me on one of their T-shirts that came out earlier this year…


That’s actually wholly unrelated to the work I do at Carhartt, just a fun little side-note. The other fun little side note about my new job is that I get an employee discount, which means on the way to Canada I took my mom to the flagship Carhartt store in Detroit for a shopping spree!


Here’s the only bad thing about working for Carhartt. I get to wear Carhartt clothes to work every day, and it has become very difficult to distinguish which clothes in my closet are for “work” and which are for “farm work”…


Just sayin’.

Anyway, that was the first stop on our Road Trip to Canada. Then we crossed the bridge, made it through customs, headed to the nearest Home Depot, found the mirror, and then I promptly changed my mind about it being the “right mirror”. Even though my mom got her passport renewed just so we could drive over the border to get it.


The problem was that it was hung in an area where it reflected ALL of the ceiling lights in the place, and it basically make the mirror look like an oversized disco ball, which is not the look I was going for in the bathroom.

We did see this other mirror, which would not have been my first choice online, but actually looked really good in the store…


But they didn’t have any in-stock at this location.

Luckily, there was another Home Depot Canada just 30 minutes down the road (and kind of on the way to the Big Surprise I had planned for my mom while we were up there.)

So we get to the second Home Depot, find the mirror (on display in a totally different spot in this store) and realize NOPE, my original choice was actually the better one, and looked far less like a disco-ball in this store.

This is why I like drinking beer and building shit instead of decorating.

We purchased the mirrors, tucked them safely into the back of the car, and then headed off to a surprise location for lunch…


I found reviews for the Oxley Estate Winery online and thought it would be the perfect spot for us to stop (and get a little inspiration, since my vineyard efforts have been, ah, less than successful so far.)

Lunch was amazing…


As was the wine flight…


And then we walked off the wine by touring the vineyards…


And taking a short stroll down the road to see Lake Erie (from the other side.)


And then it was back over the bridge and to the farm. Which brings us to here:


A slight upgrade from this one-mirror situation I had going on for a few months…


And a definite upgrade from where I started six years ago…


This bathroom still needs– first and foremost– a damn door. And then a little trim work, plus there’s one unsolved electrical mystery I still need to work out. But it’s mostly done, and that’s a good thing, because my mom and I have another huge, and awesome project coming up next month. (Which I can’t talk about until it’s a done deal, but here’s a hint. We are VERY EXCITED.)

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  1. Excellent choice in mirrors. What a fabulous transformation for an already fantastic house. Lake house purchase perhaps?????

  2. Very nice. Did you make those doors on the vanity, or buy them? (I’m assuming it’s the same vanity?)

      1. Thanks! I’m replacing the horrible doors/drawer fronts on my kitchen cabinets.

  3. The new mirrors look great.

    I’m thinking you are buying a Lake House too! 🙂

  4. I still have a mirror with no frame in my bathroom, now going on 10 years.. One day I’ll get a mirror I like that is not, as you say, $263.

  5. Interestingly, you write. I share your views significantly. I am waiting for more such entries and most importantly for me for more photos in these entries from your apar

  6. love the mirrors. totally worth the road trip! how annoying that home depot ca has better stuff than home depot us. meh. super cool you work for carhartt now!

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