Christmas on the Farm

Well, holy shit, it’s 2018. This year stared out by giving me a solid ass-kicking just so I would know who’s actually in charge around

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The Farm and The Darkness

Listen, I know that Daylight Saving Time has been a part of my life every single year of my existence. This shit has happened to

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Back on the Farm

You know, even after fourteen years of telling stories about my life (and the things I build) on the internet, I still spend an inordinate

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Summer on the Farm

Every year I go into spring with a ton of energy and a ton of projects, and I’m always convinced that energy and motivation will

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Idaho, Of All Places

Sometime late last year my dad informed me that my extended family wanted to take a vacation together this summer and that we would all

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Spring Garden Tour

For so many of the early years on the farm spring was a daily, relentless battle against grass and weeds. One I almost always lost.

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I'm not interested in a mediocre life. I'm here to kick ass or die.