The Greenhouse Returns

This thing… I’m not sure if I’ve had a single project on the farm that has brought me such varying levels of joy, frustration, and

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Spring on the Farm: 2018

It only took six years, but I think I’ve finally figured out how to manage spring on the farm without completely losing my shit, and

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Summer on the Farm

Every year I go into spring with a ton of energy and a ton of projects, and I’m always convinced that energy and motivation will

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Spring Garden Tour

For so many of the early years on the farm spring was a daily, relentless battle against grass and weeds. One I almost always lost.

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The Missing Chicken

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been sharing a lot of good news on the blog recently, so– spoiler alert– my two most recent farm stories

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Orchard Update: Summer 2016

At pretty much any point in my life prior to living on this farm, my thought process around learning and/or doing new things went something

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