Fuzzy Donkeys

I know, I know, you come here for your daily dose of bathroom, because that’s all I seem to talk about these days and why

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Excuse us, sir…

…what the hell are you doing to our barn? Other than just plain making a mess, we’re making a last-ditch effort to get water and

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Country Halloween

I mean, you had to know we were going to go there, right? PJ was all, “I’d rather wear the horns, please.” She’s such a

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We’ve been wondering since we brought the donkeys back in April whether or not we had a baby donkey on the way. Miniature donkey gestation

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Fun In The Pasture

It may start to seem like all we do around here is loll about in the sun. It’s not far from the truth… we do

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Hauling Ass: Dry Run

Driving 1500 miles with donkeys in the back of your pickup takes a little practice… jury is still out on how well this is going

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