These Strange Times

This was meant to be a post about the kitchen projects I worked on during the early days of quarantine. (I know, I know, you’re

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Kick Ass or Die

Well, shit.  That’s about the only articulate thing I can say about 2020. To be fair, I’m out of practice. However, I’d also  guess I’m

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Endings and Beginnings

Even before I knew how to name it (or identify it) one of the core principles of my life was always to follow my energy.

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Getting Through

Saying “some days I’m all over the place” is like saying “I have a couple of tools in my garage”: an epic understatement. This website

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This Changes Things

Since both the computer and I are still fighting our respective viruses– neither of which seems to be improved by the excessive application of Lysol,

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I'm not interested in a mediocre life. I'm here to kick ass or die.