Trimming (Doors, Not Trees)

Since we’ve just barely stepped foot into Thanksgiving territory I feel like I shouldn’t have to clarify that there is no tree trimming (Christmas related,

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And On To The Next

My time frame for moving out of the Memorial House and on to the next project has always been roughly around the end of October,

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Here’s a project on the Memorial House I haven’t spent any time working on, but still looks awesome. This is what the front of the

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This Changes Things

Since both the computer and I are still fighting our respective viruses– neither of which seems to be improved by the excessive application of Lysol,

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Planning For a DIYcation

Many of my fellow powertool junkies will agree, days off from the Actual Real Job aren’t meant for “vacation” so much as they are an

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Soaked (Finally)

Check this off the list of Things-I’ve-been-mentioning-for-a year-and-can-finally-shut-up-about: This house now has one big bathtub. (Technically I’ve only really been pining after it since it

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