The Life-Cycle of a Kitchen

 The Life-Cycle of a Kitchen

I picture this post as a kind of time-lapse video where the flower grows up from a seed in the ground, wilts, and then dies. As far as my kitchen goes, this is the growing up and blooming part:

Mmmm, nothing says kitchen like flesh colored walls…
kitchen before

Mom, aka priming partner, helping me turn the cabinets into something beautiful…
Mom & I Kitchen in Prog

…and RED!
New Red Kitchen

And then– goodbye adorable red cabinets– we’re on to the wilting phase. Although to me it seems less like wilting and more like someone blew it up with a pipe bomb. Why? Because in one day, my entire kitchen is gone. Not just gone. GONE. No floor, no walls, no ceiling. Definitely no adorable red cabinets. The real fun part was that when they pulled the interior plaster down to get to the “soaked insulation” that was supposed to be in my walls. They found that there was no insulation. No wonder it got down to 31 degrees and all my pipes froze (and I had a $400 heating bill). It all makes perfect sense now.

I bought a lemon.

(An adorable lemon… but still.)

This is the definition of “Oh, shit.” The same feeling I imagine people that jump out of airplanes feel. There has to be one second before you pull the ripcord that you think to yourself, there is a 50/50 shot right now that I am royally screwed.  

kitchen minus cupbords

kitchen stripped

However, after much debate, reorganizing, arguments with the insurance company, and a false door. This kitchen started blooming again.

Kitchen cabinets first in

(Putting the cabinets in was not a DIY job, but the 2″ blue tile countertop was and there will be a separate post on that, and putting in the hardwood floor, and tiling the backsplash of the stove.)

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