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Haven’t had enough of me yet? If you’re a reader and want to get in touch because you have a DIY question or, you know, just want to email a crazy person you can find me here:

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For Advertisers

If you’re a potential advertiser or partner, please read the following before contacting me:

First and foremost, this website is based on my own experiences written in my own words. I’m a storyteller, a builder, a power tool junkie… I am not a billboard, which means I do not offer the following types of ad placement or paid content:

  • Text links embedded within an article or anywhere on the site
  • “Guest posts” that include a link back to a product or service
  • ¬†Contest entries that require a badge or link back to your site
  • Content written by anyone other than me, or, on the rare occasion, other legitimate bloggers who I respect and have awesome projects to share

I do run ads in two spots on this website, the top banner and sidebar placement. All of these ads are run through Haven Home ad network, and you need to contact them directly for placement.

So, short story, if you’re looking for text link advertising, I don’t offer it. If you’re looking to run ads in the existing spots on my site, contact Haven Home.

Product Reviews

Turns out running a farm and keeping up with my regularly scheduled projects keeps my plate rather full, which means I can’t currently commit to reviewing products that don’t align with my current project list.¬† Right now that means I’ll accept product reviews for:

  • Tools of any kind (I’m not a power tool junkie for nothing, you know.)
  • Outdoor equipment (lawn, garden, farm, or any other holy-shit-my-yard-is-a-jungle assistance)
  • Masonry equipment
  • Fixtures, door or cabinet hardware, etc.

If you’ve got a product you’d like me to review that fits into my current project needs, feel free to email me at:


I also promote some people/websites/companies as DIYdiva Partners. These companies sponsor specific projects of mine, or who hire me for freelance writing, consulting, or other general power-tool related fun.

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