The Missing Chicken

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been sharing a lot of good news on the blog recently, so– spoiler alert– my two most recent farm stories

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Life With Birds

When I first thought about bringing chickens to the farm… well…there wasn’t much thought, actually. I happened to be at Tractor Supply, and there happened

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Now With 50% More Nuggets!

People say that having chickens is a slippery slope. Like you get “just a couple chickens” and then one day you’re going to lose your

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Gains & Losses

I went in to my “vacation” week just barely holding on to all of the details of my life … all of the details– sleep,

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I Dream of Chickens

I keep telling myself I haven’t turned into a crazy chicken-lady (I haven’t… right?) but lately the Nugs have been top-of-mind, what with the building

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