Two. Tiles. Short.

Bloody fingers. Broken tiles. Unfinished bathrooms. These are things you don’t see on HGTV. Sometimes you don’t even see them on websites of real people

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One By One

How long have I been saying that I’ve got showers to tile? A month? Two? Actually, the answer is fifty-three days that I’ve been ready

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No Rest For The Weary

I’ve got big ideas, big decisions to make, big things to say– about the water leaking through the middle of my door, the lack of

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Almost Half Way (To Hell?)

I can’t really accurately describe the blissful days of hanging siding that the weekend consisted of if I don’t tell you a little bit about

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Walking The Plank

I don’t even like heights, but these days, this is my happy place. I find myself more often than not glancing longingly at my tool

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Country Mornings

Never enough time On a crisp country morning To just enjoy life I’m too busy writing meaningless haiku’s. And sympathizing with spiders. We all wake

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I'm not interested in a mediocre life. I'm here to kick ass or die.