It’s Not Easy

I cannot even begin to tell you how may door installations at our house have ended with one of us trying to dislodge the others

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Permanent Fixture

I started out my holiday weekend exactly the way you would expect– hitting up Hobby Lobby, Target, and the nearest Big Box store to stock

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There’s a First Time…

This past weekend I’m in the middle of my normal Sunday routine, which is to say I’m making the 5th of 8 trips to Lowe’s,

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Future Addition, Or Moat

I’ve officially jumped right into the deep end of this project, and on one hand, finally, I’ve been talking about this for years. On the

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Where I Got It

Back when the temperature was above freezing and we weren’t buried under a foot of snow, MysteryMan had a bunch of friends over to Memorial

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Like Clockwork

In the last week it seems like I finally got enough balls in the air– so to speak– that I’ve managed to strike a balance

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I'm not interested in a mediocre life. I'm here to kick ass or die.