Like Clockwork

In the last week it seems like I finally got enough balls in the air– so to speak– that I’ve managed to strike a balance between work-mysteryman-house-and-brooms. And I really only had to give up one thing to make it all come together…


My entire life is like one big case of the Saturday phenomenon. You know, where all week you’re going I’ve got this and this and this to get done, and then Saturday comes around and you have a full 18 hours to accomplish the one simple task of putting the dishes in the dishwasher, and yet, come Sunday morning the sink is no longer usable and now you’re filling up the pot for noodles with the garden hose. (Not that that’s ever happened around here… ahem.) 

But I sure can work a ten hour day (not unlike today) spend an hour or two dancing around the kitchen or snuggling up to my man on the couch, then once he goes to bed (and by that I mean after 8:30 PM) I manage to paint a broom, do the dishes, take a bath, read a chapter or eight of my current book (Ender’s Game…again), and update DIYdiva all before midnight.

Granted, the circles under my eyes are getting frighteningly dark… something like, oh, say, this…


Yep. That’s about right. But dammed if I don’t love every single part of what I’m doing every day… and listen, I can’t be superwoman and  gorgeous. Seriously people.


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