DIYcation Day 1: So This Is What Sane Feels Like

I’m officially counting today as the start of my DIYcation, also known as “getting my shit together again after a really long period of time where I ran around like a crazy person.”

It’s just past noon and today I’ve already:

1.) Spent an hour at the office wrapping things up so that I could not think about work for the rest of the week.

2.) Been to Lowe’s for the third time in three days.

3.) Picked tomatoes and basil from the garden and made myself breakfast.


This is something I probably haven’t done for over a year, but which I might get to do more often now that there are actual counters in the general vicinity of the kitchen.


4.) Cut the materials for one of the closets and sanded and painted the ledgers. (I got a head start on this one yesterday.)


5.) Picked up 539 water bottles from around the house including from — but not limited to– behind the toilet, under the couch, and in, under, and around my bed. I didn’t get all of them yet, but I will.

6.) Put two coats of white paint in the kitchen closets. And by “white” I mean ” bright with-a-similar-intensity-to-the-flare-from-an-atomic-bomb white” as evidenced by this picture. Guess which closet had been painted at this point?


7.) Hung out with the cat. He’s super excited I’m home from work this week. He’s also super dusty.


8.) Wrote this post.

Seriously, this is more stuff that I usually get done in three days. Now if you’ll excuse me I have shelves to hang, electrical outlets to install, and donkeys to play with. And tomorrow I’ll totally stop bragging about how awesome my life is this week and show you how I built and installed my shelving.

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      1. I know! Let me know if you ever need an apprentice – I’m good at following instructions like “hold this” and “get out of the way.” 🙂

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