No Rest For The Weary

I’ve got big ideas, big decisions to make, big things to say– about the water leaking through the middle of my door, the lack of heat from our expensive geothermal system, the drywallers smoking cigarettes in my brand new house– I’ve got phone calls to make, an Actual Real job to attend to, presents I should be buying…

But sometimes it seems like getting off this bench is really too much to ask of a person.

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  1. Good luck with that one…..We have no smoking rule on all our job sites where we are elementry and secondary schools (school board property) because it is a city bylaw enforceable by law and a huge fine if caught to be smoking on school sites……an guess what happens…yes they smoke. they get issued $250 fines….and they still smoke. And don’t get me started on the drywallers coming in smelling like they had a 46er before 7am. amazing how they can put up so many walls without barely being able to walk all the while smoking a whole pack of smokes while hanging board….

    1. Yeah, you pretty much nailed it. I was determined to go in and be like, “Not. In. The. House.” but I had a crew of guys like this in the block plant I used to run and whoo-boy they would quit their job before they gave up chain smoking.

      Drywallers are a strange breed, I’m finding. But shockingly fast at what they do. These guys are good, so I’m tolerating the smoke and opening all the windows when they leave each day. One more day and they’re done anyway.

  2. What’s up with that? We had drywallers who smoked too. Stand your ground. Regarding the other big stuff, one step at a time. You are *so* capable.

  3. I promise not to make you get up.

    I would give those drywallers a bitchslapping they would not soon forget. Or, I like to think I would. In reality, I would probably complain about it and buy febreze instead. DOH

  4. I imagine that, sometimes, you might feel like you have way too much on your hands but… I’ve seen (or better read about it) you do amazing things in the past year. So I bet you’re going to just fine. 😀

  5. Yeesh, girl- go get a massage or something. Right after you slap the cigarettes out of the hands of your drywallers, call in sick, and buy everyone the same present off of the internet.

    Side note- I’m jealous of your coveralls.

    1. Carhartt womens 6×30’s – LOVE ’em. They have have been a game changer for working outside or in the un-heated house. I don’t even need a coat anymore, just the bibs with my thermals and a thick hoodie underneath.

      I’d sleep in things things if I could. And actually, I don’t think anything is stopping me so I just may try that.

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