Spare Parts

Maybe I’ve mentioned this before here once or twice, but I have the good fortune to be bound-for-life-through-homeownership to an engineer. Professional engineer, that is. And one of my favorite things to say to said person is “Hey, Engineer, the DVD player/door hinge/sink sprayer/anything-else-I-can-think-of is broken. You can fix it because you’re a Real Life Engineer, right? Right?

Because I like building things, but fixing is maybe not my favorite.

And without fail that man tears off the DVD player cover, or fiddles with the sink sprayer and the next thing I know the shit is working, but there’s like four extra washers and assorted other metal bits laying on the table. And I’m all, “how’d you fix that?” To which the reply is always “took out the spare parts.”

For some reason that story felt appropriate to my usual Sunday night rambling.

Parse Error

So first, sorry to anyone who’s tried to stop by in the last couple of days and got a random error message. “Parse error” is synonymous with “this chick doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing and should step away from the keyboard.”

I’ll still be tweaking the site but the big stuff is under control now. Working in CSS and PHP, like any other I’m-not-a-professional-but-I’m-going-to-do-this-anyway project, is clearly subject to Kit’s First Law of DIY.  

On the bright side, it no longer takes 11 minutes for all the graphics on this page to load, and I’ve got plans for a lot of new content, a taste of which you can find on the new More DIY Reads page. (Which, that content actually has nothing to do with me, except for that I picked some good blogs to feature for your DIY reading pleasure.)

Things I Didn’t Do, But Should Have

While I’ve been dinking around with this website, among other things, MysteryMan has been kicking ass over at the Memorial House Station.

Here’s a couple of progress shots:




Other than stepping in to trim out some windows, I’ve been about zero help with this phase of the project, and I’ll be doing penance for that in the coming week as I hang a ridiculous amount of drywall.

I am excited to get my hands on the ceiling though, where I’ll be practicing for the tongue-and-groove wood ceilings I plan to do in the great room of the house.

I'm not interested in a mediocre life. I'm here to kick ass or die.