Without Words

Maybe I’ve mentioned this, but one of the side benefits of four-hour long contractors classes twice a week  is that it gives us 240 minutes of uninterrupted time to think about house things.

Very often one of our class discussions will spark a private “conversation” about some part of the house or another–which we conduct silently by scribbling notes and pictures at each other. And occasionally stamping on each others feet under the desk.

For example, a discussion of flashing (it goes behind brick to prevent water seepage around a foundation) led to this exchange…


As you may or may not be able to tell, MysteryMan was expounding the virtues of putting the veranda “floor” lower than the house foundation.


And me, explaining the entire discussion is moot because that is what the roof is for.


MysteryMan has yet to figure out how to roll his eyes at me via scribbles, but I’d bet money he figures it out in one of the 40 hours of contractors class we still have to complete.

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