Beer and Electrical Work

Over the weekend I took some time to work on one of my favorite things: Other peoples projects.

And, trust me, I know I’ve got enough of my own to be working on — there’s forty-eight square feet of chalkboard rightinmyface every time I walk into my house just to remind me– but for some reason it’s so much more fun to work on projects when they belong to someone else.

Particularly when there’s beer involved.


One of my best friends, Erin, bought her very own house a few months ago. You may remember a certain housewarming gift/bucket-of-tools I got her for the occasion, and dammed if she hasn’t already used every single tool I packed into that thing and then asked me what she needed to buy first… a table saw or miter saw.

Excuse me for a minute while I get a little misty-eyed.

Also? Miter saw. Definitely.

I’d ask you to imagine the general state of things a few months after purchasing a fixer-upper as your first home, but most of you have been right where Erin is right now: with half your shit still packed in boxes, one bathroom torn out, fifteen projects scattered around the house in varying degrees of completion, and really ugly light switches.

It can be overwhelming.

E has also racked up nearly a decade’s worth of good-friend points as I worked on my own houses, and there’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t help her do now that she’s got a house of her own. So, after I completed my own little form of house-therapy, I called her up to see what I could do at her place that would make her feel better about her progress and she was all, THESE LIGHT SWITCHES MUST GO.

Yes. Yes they must.

On my way to her place, I stopped at the hardware store and picked up an extra set of the critical tools on my gotta-have list for electrical work to add to her toolbox.
(I mean, that’s my toolbox, but you get the point.)

Then we did exactly what you’d expect a couple of single home-owning ladies to do on a Sunday afternoon…


Drank craft beer and did some electrical work.

If there’s any better way to end a weekend, I sure as hell don’t know what it is.

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  1. To finish the chicken coop my wife and I started. I’ve been jealous of your free eggs and fun living since you first got yours.

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