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Okay, so if you read enough posts on this website and you’ll probably find out more than you ever wanted to know about a girl who compulsively buys power tools (and sometimes farm animals), but here’s the short version:

I am, in fact, a girl (proving once and for all that having two X-chromosomes and being able to read a tape measure are not mutually exclusive.) Currently in my mid(ish)thirties, and in the middle of renovating an old farmhouse… a project that has been going on for the better part of a decade.


I love learning new things, figuring stuff out on my own, the smell of sawdust, and drinking a glass of wine while watching the sun set behind my property after a long day of farm work.


I swear often and unapologetically. I occasionally do things that people tell me I shouldn’t specifically because people tell me I shouldn’t. I always do the hard thing.

I’ve owned three houses in the last decade– one of them was in the city and looked like something out of a storybook, one of them I doubled the size of with my then-boyfriend while we lived in a garage for two years, and the current one is a 150 year old farm house that I bought in a crazy and unexpected turn of events in 2011– you can see some of the “before and afters” on all of the houses here.


I became a licensed builder in 2010, but despite my love of houses and fancy building credentials, I have a day job that does not include hitting things with a hammer (usually). All of the building, farming, and writing on this website occurs in my spare time and usually very late at night, which probably explains some of my questionable grammatical decisions.

My little farm consists of the Liberty House, three barns, a flock of chickens, two miniature donkeys, a couple of beehives, and a cat that thinks he’s a dog.


There is never a dull moment.

About This Website

I’ve been writing about my DIY and house-related adventures on DIYdiva since 2004– so basically, forever– and the most important thing for you to know about this little corner of the internet is that it’s a personal website. It’s not a business. It’s not a brand. I am not a brand. I’m a person– one who is crazy, flawed, and amazing– just like every other person in the world. The one and only rule I have about what I post here is to always tell an authentic story. That means things aren’t always pretty, aren’t always right, and aren’t always finished, but they are always real.

That doesn’t mean you should take everything I write as the literal truth– it will only ever be one woman’s account of a story, at that woman has often had a few beers and/or spent an inordinate amount of time sniffing paint fumes. But it does mean that I’m committed to preserving the integrity of this website by always writing with my own voice in my own words. I do run some ads on this website (a girl has to support her power tool habit somehow) but you will never see “guest posts” or content written by anyone other than me. (Here is more about my ad policy.)

Over the years, the content on this site has changed as my life has changed. When I had more free time (and access to high-speed internet) there were far more pretty pictures on this site. When I saw a need for entertaining in-depth tutorials on things I did a lot of how-to posts, and these days I tell a lot of stories about life on the farm. It’s hard to say what the future will bring, but it’s a sure bet there will be more sawdust, more tools, probably more chickens, and I’ll continue telling my story every step of the way.

Here are a few of my favorite stories so far:

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