Digger of Trenches.

That’s me. It was 97-degrees and had to be 100% humidity, but dammed if I wasn’t going to get my trench dug. Well, okay, first things first.

Moms and I managed– barely– to get up the last big piece of lattice.

Pergola with lattice

All that’s left for this bad boy is the archway. Yes!

Then I got on to the trench digging. It’s a foot wide, 7″ deep, and 25 feet long…

Trench 2

And, the rest of it…

Trench 1

That’s the outline of where the raised patio is going to go.

I’ve got some sand and gravel being delivered today, then it’s shoveling, shoveling, shoveling, for the rest of the week. Hopefully my stone will be delivered sometime in the next few days. Then you get fun pictures of mom and I trying to lift BFS’s (Big Fucking Stones). Do you know how much one piece of flagstone weighs? At least 80 lbs. That’s how much.

I figure I’ll have a patio just in time to sit on it and watch the first snow.


This 8000 lbs of material is currently sitting in my driveway:

Sand & Stone in driveway

Got about a third of the trench filled in and tamped down. It’s more of a pain in the butt than it should be because I’m using a smaller stone (which I have in abundance in the yard here at work, and get for free) that needs to be tamped down more.

Trench filled 1st day

Bub puts in his two cents, as usual.

Looks like I’m getting my stone for the patio tomorrow… which means I need to brush up on (and by “brush up on” I mean, learn entirely) masonry skills like, oh, I don’t know, how to make a proper mortar joint. Whoa, fun. I can get the stuff tomorrow, problem is I need to have all of that material out of my driveway first. I’ll be spending quality time with the shovel tonight… that’s for sure.

Adios, amigos.  

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