Houston, we have framing.

Generally speaking, neither Hell nor high water can keep me away from my projects (And I’ve had both in my basement… can anyone say, sewer backup? Ugh.) though apparently an excess of mucous can stop me dead in my tracks. Instead of spending the weekend up north with my snowboard and that boy I adore, I laid around the house and thought about working on the recycling cabinet.

I actually dragged myself downstairs in my pajamas once a day and tried to work on it. I would get one screw in and then literally have to go take a nap, so needless to say progress was slow.

However I am happy to say that after four very long days, the recycling cabinet has a frame:




It does not however, have side panels or a lid. But it will… eventually. Give me another week on that one.

 Meanwhile, back in my nasal cavity, the Battle of The Mucous rages on.

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