Leopard Print Crookedbroom

As promised.

The leopard broom!

Handle close-up.

MysteryMan demonstrating improper sweeping technique.

This was an experiment gone right, and thank god since it was a present for MysteryMan’s sister and I finished it the day of. MM saw this in the basement and said, “Hey, I think you could actually sell these.”

No kidding?

I’m going for a zebra print next!

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  1. Wow so cool! I love that you can still see the wood grain. Can’t wait to see the zebra one. Zebra print is one of my husband’s favorite prints. We even have a real zebra hide that I’m not sure what we’re going to do with yet. I mean zebra rugs are cool but I don’t want to ruin it or trip over the mane all the time.

  2. it’s extraordinary! seriously, you need a website to earn your fortune.

    and it looks like mm is using it as a guitar….

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