Exceedingly likely that I fall from a great height.

It’s been a couple of years since I did the kind of major house remodleing project that requires picking out a lot of stuff. Like deciding on coordinating-but-not-too-similar cabinets and flooring and kitchen appliances, but way bigger since MysteryMan and I are currently trying to determine the look and feel of the entire house.

I would have liked to start a little bit smaller than the entire house, but we’ve got to put a new roof on the gas station in the next couple of weeks and the feel of the gas station has to coordinate with the feel of the house, which means we have to figure out color schemes and siding  types and roofing materials all at the same time. Even though we won’t be touching half of that stuff for possibly an entire year.

Over the last couple of years I’ve collected a virtual house file of all kinds of house things that I like, such as…


mountain home 2

Beautiful house



..but it’s hard to reconcile all of these things into one collective vision that both MysteryMan and I agree on and fits within the limitations of the Memorial house.

As for roofing materials, I’ve done the dance between cedar shakes, faux shakes, faux slate, metal, asphalt, fiberglass and have finally circled back to the cedar shakes and am pushing hard for them. MysteryMan is the one of the two of us who has actual roofing experience, and I’m the one most likely to fall ungracefully from a great height, so he likely wants to go with something slightly easier to install, but I think he’s coming around to my view of things. And not at all because I keep muttering “No pain, no gain” when I pass him in the house.

This weekend we’re preping the gas station roof for whatever kind of roofing material we choose while I design the cupola that MysteryMan doesn’t know we’re putting up there yet. Well, okay, he knows, he just doesn’t know what its called or why I’m so obsessed with one.


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  1. Is having a fancy roof really worth the cost (and future maintenance costs) of cedar? Seems like a lot of money that could be used better elsewhere. I’d say cedar would be great if it were keeping with the existing house style, but not sure you need it. But keeping with the ‘gas station’ theme, a metal roof could be cool. Not the cheapest option though.

    In the end I’d probably just got a normal asphalt shingle that mimics slate and spend the money on kitchen/bath/floors/trim in the house.

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