Vertigo (And things I hope never to do again.)

Today I ate half of a bagel that landed cream cheese side down in construction-site dirt. I still had 3 more hours of walking up and down a 30-foot hill in my future and hadn’t eaten breakfast… and yes, I did debate for about 20 seconds about whether or not I would rather have that everpresent gritty i-just-ate-dirt feeling in my mouth for the rest of the day, or pass out in front of MysteryMan’s guys while on top of a 24-foot high wall.

I picked option one. This concludes the “things I hope never to do again in my life” portion of this post.

early morning silhouette

I got beautiful weather for my second-to-last day on this job, and was enjoying it.

wall almost done

In case you didn’t know… that is a big ass wall that we are building. Currently 2 stories tall, and almost finished.

sittin on wall

Looking for something slightly nauseating? Try sitting on top of the wall and looking straight down. I only have a paralyzing fear of heights in my dreams (isn’t that odd?), in real life, when I’m not climbing a tree or scaffolding or some such thing with sufficient hand-holds, mostly it just makes every muscle in my body tense up by a couple of degrees.

I’m sure glad a strong wind didn’t come by right then though.

So, this is the last Big Ass Wall post… mostly because you’ve seen it. Yep, it’s a wall. Tomorrow we’re moving on to much more challenging things…are you ready for the big post?

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