A little taste of our future life…

Definitely will not mind waking up and looking out over this in the morning…


Of course, there was about 30 seconds of peace Saturday morning, imagining my future life–complete with hot tea and rocking chairs– before I turned around and realized…


I have a lot of effing holes to dig.

And dig I did. But I also had tons of help from MysteryMan’s dad, and his grandpa (aka Superman) who put me to shame by digging holes like, 32-times faster than I can. And he’s eighty-four.

Hole-digging is not one of my specialties… but even though I don’t excel at it, I’ve got no problem spending 5-6 hours doing manual labor, and it sure beat my other options.


Because we all know how much I love being up on that roof.

Instead, I made our first real mark on the property by turning this…


Into this…


I also forced MysteryMan to teach me how to run the mini-tractor/lawnmower thing. MysteryMan’s initial instruction to me was shouted from the roof, “Oh, the clutch is on the left, just put it in third.” Um… Not that I haven’t operated a tractor before, but lest you forget, I am the woman who crashes automatic-transmission vehicles into ditches, so perhaps slightly more robust instruction would be helpful.

Which is when I got a hands-on lesson…


This is where we’re going to take a time warp back to three weeks ago when we had some other equiment that I could easily damage stuff with on the Memorial property.

MysteryMan and his grandpa hatched a plan to move this garden shed to the back of the property. It involved a chain and two 2x4s.


I was sceptical.

I also spotted this little guy by my boot while I was playing jobsite photographer.


And then…


Whoa. Where’d you go?


Huh. A chain and a couple of 2x4s. Who’d have thunk.

(This is me publically admiting that I was wrong, because I definitely didn’t think this little trick was going to work. Okay. I said it. And MysteryMan is way better with operating equipment than I am.)

However I do have to mention that as I was digging holes and minding my own business this weekend, I was suddenely summoned over to where the big manly men were trying to use my miter saw, and evidently couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

MysteryMan’s friend was all, “Don’t give us to much shit for this, but…” And I’m all… “Don’t worry darlin’ only half of the internet will know that a girl had to show you how to use the big bad saw.”

I love men.

Sunday was just as fun as Saturday, and more of the same for me. Dig. Digging. Dug.

Hi Trees!


These guys are in front of the house. And I still need at least four more to complete the row.


But, progress is progress.


I know. They look kind of small and ineffectual, but it’s a start.

And that was the sum total of my weekend. I have days planned out this week for buying more arborvitae, planting the two willows that I didn’t get to this weekend, helping my mom paint her new condo, and at some point going to work and possibly eating. All while hobbling around like a old woman, because already all of the muscles in my back and legs are protesting my existance.

I love renovation, don’t you?

6 Responses

  1. this post was all about awesomeness. the help you had. the holes YOU dug. the new trees. what a good day for you.

  2. Keep an eye on those arborvitae. They tend to dry out really fast during the summer…trust me, I’ve lost more than my share. Or, it could be that my own mystery man didn’t plant them correctly. Hmm, seems the ones his dad planted here are all doing fine.

    Love your blog! You remind me of a little younger version of myself. Keep up the good work. It’s fun learning all those things that were once kept ‘secret’ from us gals, isn’t it?

  3. Great work!!!
    Digging holes sucks, but now they have a little happy home to grow. This place is like my current place – ‘baby steps’ – urg!
    I want my place to take shape now with total deconstruction, but have been instructed to take it step by step…ok…I say. For now. moha-ha-ha-ah 😉 Good work all around tho for sure. Can’t wait to see more.

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