2009: We’ve Got Big Plans

And of course by “we” I mean, “I have spent the last three months wearing down MysteryMan’s resistance until he sees things my way.”

Okay, okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. He’s pretty confident in my vision and ability to turn things that are not-so-aesthetically-pleasing into something better. I’m convinced this is because each morning he sees me transform myself from holyfuckingscary into something passably human.

What can I say? It’s a gift.

Anyway. Here is a very professional drawing of the current floor plan of the Memorial House


And here is what– given two years, the sale of my house, and the inevitable sacrifice of sweat, blood, and tears– we will eventually have.


(That sound you just heard was MysteryMan looking at this drawing, passing out cold, and thunking his entire body on the ground.)

Again, I jest.

We have been saving our pennies for the last few months to help pay for the first addition, which is what you see on the left. The reason why it has to be first is because it requires the complete removal of the one and only bathroom in the place. And we’ve already discussed the fact that living without a bathroom has already been checked off of the things-I-only-want-to-do-once-in-my-life list.

The big kitchen/garage addition will have to wait until after we sell Garrison Road, which is heartbreaking until I remember how many times walked into the kitchen here and seen a waterfall streaming down from the ceiling.

We’re also going to make a few adjustments to the front of the house and it remains to be seen if we’ll start on those this year or next. The end result I imagine to be something like this:


And, lets all close our eyes and visualize the improvement. Or else you could just check out my photoshop mockup.


Not Soon Enough:

Not my most realistic photoshop job, but you get the point… which is basically that there are BIG changes in our future, and a hell of a lot of work to go along with them. Which is probably why we’re spending a lot of time sleeping and eating pizza this winter. You know, storing up energy.

Seriously? I’m gonna need some more tools.

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  1. you are such a freakin’ diy badass. i can’t wait to watch the transformation. other than this, are you guys doing ok?

  2. MysteryMan has obviously never learned that he must ALWAYS get the last word in for every discussion or argument:

    “Yes, ma’am.”

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