As far as spending money goes, I can generally hold out when it comes to powertools. I mean, I wore out two hand-me-down drills until I bought the Makita. So while I love them, and I think I absolutely needevery one I see… powertools are not my fatal flaw.

Given our upcoming vacation (next weekend Jamaica, here we come), a present I’m going to be buying myself tomorrow, the current state of the economy, and having two houses… I’ve been a little conservative with my spending of late.

But today one thing led to another. I knew that I wanted to pick up a book (maybe two) to read at the pool next weekend, and, uh, well….


… I’m not sure what happened really. It’s all a little fuzzy, but when I got home from the bookstore, gee, look what I found in my bag. Huh. That’s a mystery.

I’m also pouring over another great book (it has everything to do with topics relevant to this site and I’ll tell you about it soon) in my spare time, which pretty much means I’ll be set with reading material for, like, the next week.

What can I say… all those great stories out there? I’ve got a weakness.

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  1. You should check out paperbackswap.com, it’s a great site! I read the reader and thought it was pretty good. I haven’t seen the movie yet though.

  2. The smell of a book store is intoxicating – the smell, all the books, the smell – sorry I was reliving my last trip to the bookstore. See, it isn’t any wonder why you have all those books. Have a great trip.

  3. If you haven’t tried Nevada Barr yet, give her a try. Based on some of the other titles on your shelf, I think you’d like her work.

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