And, Deep Breath, Garrison Road is For Sale

Excuse me while I go put my head between my legs and breathe into a bag for the next ten minutes.


Because this house saved my life on one occasion, and my sanity on numerous other occasions. It’s seen me through the hardest and most exhausting experiences of my life, and also the most fun ones. I’ve learned innumerable lessons, bought enough tools, lumber and drywall to supply a small country, and sacrificed things like showering on a regular basis to bring some projects on this house to fruition.

And… that’s enough waxing philosophic about it. Because on one hand, I love this house. On the other hand, can you say miniature donkeys? Yeah. The benefits… like building a home for MysteryMan and I to call ours… outweigh that constant low-grade urge to hyperventilate. Almost.

So: To the 10% of DIYdiva readers who are Toledoians, if you know anyone looking to buy, please refer them to here:

Because you had to know that I’d create a website to sell this house, and that it wouldn’t be just another lame real estate site, didn’t you?

(Although Internet Explorer users… the slideshow doesn’t work for you, which is lame. Although you should be using Firefox anyway. But I’ll be sacrificing a few more hours of sleep this week to fix that little glitch.)

So here’s to washing the permanent spots of paint out of my hair, having time to update this website, and getting 8 consecutive hours of sleep sometime in the next week!

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  1. i remember following along on your journey. you did an amazing job and now with the site to sell it. best of luck, and here’s to a full price.

  2. I love your house. If I lived in Toledo, I’d jump all over it. Just a heads up…calculator is missing a ‘c’ on the website. I don’t think you’ll have a problem selling this house. It’s wonderful.

  3. Holy effing Toledo….gorgeous!

    If this house was located in the SF Bay Area (yes, even in this economy), it would go for a *minimum* of $700K.

    You’ve done a phenomenal job. Here’s to to a bidding war! (Yes, we still have them here. Yes, even in this economy.)

    Memorial House will have lots to live up to!

    I love following you on your Journey. All the best to you!

  4. I can only imagine what this house would be worth in my neighborhood (it would probably cost that for the pergola alone). You did a great job and I hope you get the asking price and more, you deserve it!

  5. I’ve written a little post on my blog about you. I think your website for Garrison is great! Hope some lucky person recognizes what a stellar house you have (and loves it just as much as you obviously do). Good luck!

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