Contemplating Life in a Gas Station

Feel free to count “moving from my refinished 3 bedroom house into a half-finished one room gas station” among the things I thought I never be doing in my thirtieth year on this planet.


I also never thought I’d be planning to drive a pickup truck loaded with a couple of miniature donkeys back from Texas either, but hey, life takes us on mysterious journeys.


But really, look at these guys. You’d take on the road trip of a lifetime for them too. (If you’ve been snooping around you’ll notice the donkeys have rated their own page around here, even though it’s just filled with to-die-for pictures of Cute for now.)

I suppose these are just a few of the things I’m lucky that this guy brought into my life.


Nostalgia aside, all the minutes we were going to have this Winter to get things done in preparation for the big groundbreaking in Spring are slowly ticking away.

Or not-so-slowly, if you look at all of the projects we have yet to finish.

At the moment I’m most excited about getting to the final stages in the man-cave bathroom. When I posted my ideas for a little design help, you all jumped right in with some great thoughts.

Here’s my original color board. (You’ll notice I refuse to call it a “mood board” and I don’t know why I’m so reluctant except to say it brings to mind those cheap ’80’s mood rings. I think “badass board” is more appropriate, don’t you?)

[swfobj src=”” width=”600″ height=”450″ align=”center” allowfullscreen=”true”]

If you don’t have a flash viewer, you can see the static image here.

SmilingJudy and meryl rose suggested less yellow in the paint color, and a possible red accent.

[swfobj src=”” width=”600″ height=”450″ align=”center”]

Static image here.

On the other end of the spectrum wanderluster and carrie thought the yellow should be a bit deeper, and I took the suggestion of Glidden’s Warm Caramel to heart…

[swfobj src=”” width=”600″ height=”450″align=”center” allowfullscreen=”true”]

Static image here.

I’m still contemplating what will go best with the floor tones, and I may even give MysteryMan a say in the final product. Maybe.

I really loved the suggestion for some crusty rusty sign to tie the room together, which got me thinking about what other “art” may be appropriate.

I’m wondering if a couple of 50’s pinups should make an appearance…


Or maybe some vintage Guinness posters?


Finding the right style for the man-cave is turning out to be way more fun than I anticipated.

The six lineal feet of “kitchen” space we’re going to have in the station, on the other hand…whole different story.

8 Responses

  1. I still like the crusty sign idea, but I LOVE the idea of pinup AND vintage guinness signs together, plus they would give you that shot of red….

  2. I love Gil Elvgren. What about something less bath related & more tool related?

    I think something kinda ironic & cheeky would be funny. Like Elvgren’s “Help Wanted!” {}, “Wrong Nail” {}, or “An Unexpected Lift” {} {note the “Men Working” sign}.

    If less ironic is more your thing maybe try “Pretty Sharp” {} or “Quick Change Artist” {}.

    “Well Built” {} & “Skirting the Issue” {} might be appropriate too.

    They’re all found here {} in the 50’s & 60’s.

  3. That said, I have some extra large, red w/ black outline acrylic gas station numbers. I used them to “wallpaper” a wall in our old apartment. That might be a little much with the graphic shower curtain but maybe you do your house number or anniversary or something. Email me if you want pics.

  4. I agree with patti… pretty ‘badass’ ideas…

    I went to a shi shi party over the holidays and borrowed a bracelet from a friend – that bracelet was black circles – each about an inch in diameter – and each with a pin up girl front and center. Made me feel badass too… clearly a fine quality for a man-cave-esque bathroom.

    I’m also drawn to the vintage Guiness posters – nthey jive with the various colors you’re considering – and I love (good) beer & win – so I’m naturally drawn to quality dionysian art 😉

  5. Corey- Love the Texaco sign (particularly because there used to be old gravity-fed Texaco pumps out front.) Also… no updates to Baltimore Row House in 3 months?! Hopefully that means you’re busy with projects.

    Carrie- Awesome, awesome, awesome pinups. I love the girls with tools.

    Meredith- We’re also love a good beer (and we home-brew too!) which is why I love the Guinness posters. Decisions, decisions….

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