All Over The Place

This week could either be very exciting or very disastrous for our plans, depending on which way the wind blows. Figuratively. Literally depending on whether or not we get our building permits without a fuss, whether or not the weather holds for us to break ground (we live in a place we you can go from temps in the eighties, to temps in the forties in three days, which is fun) and whether or not the house inspection and appraisal for Garrison go through without a hitch. During my last experience with an appraiser I had to re-install some kitchen cabinets to get the money to tear them out again, so we’re understandably wary about how this may turn out.

In the meantime, we took advantage of a break in the weather this weekend to construct the walls for the donkey shed, finally. DSC_1066


In a few short hours with the miter saw and framing nailer…



I also spent more quality time with tile in the last week, including my mom’s bathroom floor…

And the station bathroom…


Where I’ve been finishing off the urinal stall one. tile. at. a. time.


I did escape to the great outdoors for a while and spent a little time starting the bean seeds I harvested last year.


Forty of them. What? One can never have too many green beans.

My step-mother also had some Stella Dora (more appropriately Stella de Oro) lilys that needed dividing, and with three acres to landscape, are we going to look gift-flowers in the mouth? No. So I spent a little QT with the shovel, hoe, and rake between Easter gatherings.

Luckily neither of our families care if we show up for meals in our work clothes and half-covered in dirt. Which is good, because in case you haven’t heard… we’re building a house this year.

I'm not interested in a mediocre life. I'm here to kick ass or die.