Friday Demolition Edition

It’s time to start the scariest part of the construction process, but also the most fun…


If the weather holds– and it’s not supposed to, but that’s neither here nor there– we’re set to break ground today. That’s right, as you read this post there could very well be a guy in a bigass piece of machinery digging a hole that surrounds all four sides of the house.

Basically if things don’t go as planned I’m just going to fill it with water and call it a moat. So really it’s a win-win, no matter how you look at it.

In preparation for this exciting day, there was a little pre-excavation demolition that had to be done.

You see the angle of this iPhone pic? You know what that means? I was in my least favorite spot ever.


I know, right? One, not the proper footgear for climbing on the roof. Two, you expect me to be doing the cha-cha up there and swinging my drill around my head like a lasso. Because I’m all big and bad with my tools. Here’s the caveat… On. The. Ground. Or actually even, I’m good if I’m up on something like a monkey…

on top of the pergola

See? Happy as a damn lark.

Roofs give you absolutely nothing to grab on to if you happen to lose your footing, and therein lies my fear. Because 5 minutes after I climbed off this roof I walked inside the house and my foot completely missed one of the steps, which means I ended up face first on the kitchen floor with two of my fingers jammed at an anatomically incorrect angle. Try doing that ten feet off the ground.

I’ve been trying to overcome my roof-related neuroses by getting up there every chance I get. Even with the completely wrong shoes.

But mostly I stuck to transplanting some hostas out of harms way while MysteryMan did what he’s best at…


Hitting things with a hammer.

Next thing I know, there’s  a chain wrapped around the roof that is attached to a truck.


I am definitely going to be calling either the insurance company or the ambulance in short order…




Huh. Well then.


House? Welcome to the insanity.

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  1. Hey, we are looking at buying a house in whiteford township and would have to tear down a barn as it is unsafe. Do you know would I need permits for that? If you don’t know, who could tell me? I have tried contacting the township. Any Information is welcome. Thank you.
    Vanessa Meyer

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